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Monday, May 25, 2015

Not gone ..

I've taken a few weeks of from projects and and diys and well blogging and media in general altho once in a while i pop in instagram . No !! I'm not leaving the blogging world !! I'm just taking a few personal weeks to focus in my family ,my home and my work .

After i did this post almost a month ago i had to take emergency trip to see sick family for a week .. when i came back i had a lot of work {day job} to finish and it took me a week and half while all that i developed a bad case of insomnia not the least 2 weeks ago when things were going back to "normal " my husband slipped  pretty bad on the tile floor of our kitchen and hit his head and back pretty bad and we had to rushed him to the hospital he is better now and is back to work but i had to leave everything for two weeks to take care of him and everything ales . So this past Wednesday he and i went back to work again ! just for me to come home that evening home and while picking up {i honestly cant remember what } i blacked out and hit the floor {tile floor in the bathroom} oh and on the process of going down  to hit the floor i busted my right eyebrow on the knob {how does that even happen} well idk ,.. but there goes the whole family back to the E.R well supposedly was so much stress and i had a anxiety and panic attack at the sometime and i didn't recognized it ..long story short now I'm back home and i will be going back to work tomorrow and hopefully 3rd time is the charm and i won't have to miss work unless I'm going to vacation witch ill be going in two weeks ...and the most important thing is hopefully nothing bad happens ..

This week we will get back to the porch and deck and all the outdoor work we stared with some little things over the weekend so i will have an update soon but I'm taking another week to get back to some projects for my actual job that i have to finish . i also have some news to share soon .. 

so until next time ..'

This picture i took it this morning while picking up my mail from the my driveway no filters or photoshoped straight from my iPhone .. i just love mornings like this....

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sequin hangers

I interrupt your usual programing in this case the patio and deck progress to bring a little 10 mins diy ..

A few months ago i saw an image circulation on pinterest of a gold sequin hanger i tough to my self "oh that is so girly and cute i must try " but i never got around to it .. until yesterday i went out to find my little girl a dress for our vow renewal yup can you believe that !! we are renewing our vows !!! ha we made a commitment that every 10 years we should so here is to that ..Any how when i got home i didn't want to hang her dress in her closet since she loves pulling things out of there to tray them 7 times a day and no I'm not exaggerating  so i though why not put it as a display dress on the hook she has behind her bedroom door until that big day .

Then i did but the hangers she had were plain white and just blah and the again i tough why not do the sequin hanger that I've been thinking of doing for so long ..{yes a lot of thinking in this post lol }.

So i stared with a few hangers i had that came with stuff that i recently bough and were going to go to the recycle bin and i decided to use those ..

Materials needed ..
plastic hangers
hot glue gun

I dapped a little glue where it need to be dapped ,,

then i stared rolling the sequin trimming all around it .

And ta da,,,oh and since i thought that hers looks so cute i did one for me as well ... ahha

Btw this dress is almost the same exact dress ill be wearing just her is more of a kid style ...and i love that will be matching for this day ..

easy peasy  ..and until next time ,,,

Ps:we have made some advantages on the deck and home will be bringing an update of that soon..