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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Foyer inspiration

For years I've dreams of having a grand foyer......

 But life normally doesn't work as fast, one day I will have one but for now Im happy and content with what I do have . Yes it might be a bit small but it does the job .

 I will like to share the direction of where I'm trying to take ours right now . I love the aerie feeling of this one and the simplicity of the design.

Simple with a pop of color 

I love bringing in some greenery that will also give it that pop of color yet so simple but oh so elegant 

Farm house feeling anyone??... I Love the serine feeling I get every time I look at this picture 

Pink door anyone?? .. I honestly wish I could !! To be honest I don't think I would have a pink door in my entrance but I would put one in my closet or the door to my office closet. This door was the inspiration of one of my pop of colors I wanted to include in ...

Oh do I dream with build ins almost every single day .! every time I ever looked into the plans of our home thats one thing I wanted everywhere ! From the mudroom to the office I want it as many builtins as I could have of course without looking to much * couch couch 

Out of this images I came out with this inspiration board 

I will be working with items that I already have incorporating them into the new design and doing some diy projects as well as a most needed paint job !. so stay tune...

Untel next time.....

**DISCLAIMER : all pictures expect the idea board was taken of Pinterest .

Monday, June 19, 2017

One day at a time

Lately we haven't been doing much around the house ,since things were paused for a little while until we found out if we were getting finally our home or not . Well we are not ! ..for a while now since the whole home deal went down I will later comment on it since is still a bit of a touchy subject in this house . Anyhow I told the hubs if we can start doing some stuff around the house like old times and he gratefully agreed , Imagine my joy to hear that because I've been craving to get my hands in some paint !!

Our first to do list was the foyer ! since thats the first room you see as you walk into our home and well the decor we had there wasn't fitting my style anymore .


As time had progress my style has evolved and I think is for the best since I'm approaching a more less is more kind of mind set and I think it has made my mind other than my home less clutter and thats what I was going for . Im still into colors and all fun things but I want more airy feeling in my home and as well as in my mind. Sometimes when I would walk though my home I will start getting all anxious for no reason  well thats what I thought and after sitting in my leaving room for about an hour thinking of why I was feeling this way realized that I needed a change in my home I needed to bring more calmness to my madness. I love pops of colors here and there but like you can see in my foyer thats how the rest of my home looked very colorful and fun . Don't get me wrong I still love this style but it wasn't fitting my family anymore .

We have grown this past two years I mean my youngest was 3 at the time and now she is 5  and like her we all gotten a bit older and I guess we all have change a lot all for the best I hope . My daughter was very into vibrant colors as well as my boys but they are not like me they like a more calm set of style like muted pinks ,purples, grays,blues and greens . I guess my kids aren't babies anymore ! sad sad I know I would love for them to be babies for ever ! .

Well as I stayed before things have change and they will continue to change until everyone is satisfied and ill be bringing all the changes very soon as we progress of making this house our home until moving time {witch I'm not sure when will that be } .

until next time ..