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Thursday, February 22, 2018

New Job

Lets get a little personal so about 4 months back {hint the absent of the blog } my husband decided to take a career change by quitting his job {do to injuries } and then focusing his full time in school . Im very proud of him since that a big step and is a great one . Now he can focus 100% of his time into furthering his career and doing something he loves . But this change came with some obstacles due to now I had to get a "real job" no more part time for me . That means I had to go out of my house from 8 am to 8 pm witch is what I did .

I stared this new job of mine on the last week of October 2017 . I came in to this job in a very busy time since the holidays where approaching and they where in lack of personal so that means that I had to step in with no training and no idea of what I was doing to this job {major fail} but I made it work and kept the job until this point . Unfortunately I had to leave do to many problems in the work place .

1st problem : Lack of workers (that means I had to pick up the slack for other positions that where higher than mine with my lack of knowledge because of the none training and of course very low pay)

2nd problem : To much back stabbing , drama and gossiping about other workers {im not about that life , im a very keep to myself kind of person and they wanted know know way to much about my life }

3rd problem : very disorganized and unprofessional {not my first impression it took me a while to notice this }

4th problem : I thought I lost my soul {I mean by this that I had to lie to a lot of costumers and over see numbers we didn't wanted them to see and so on } witch made very uncomfortable

5th problem : you decently needed to do a lot of  bottom kissing to get anywhere {I just couldn't im not cynical  }

6th problem : They bought of u as a money making machine not an individual { they treated you as a number}

7th problem : because of the 6th problem they thought that you didn't have a life outside of work {you only get 1 day a week off because that day they are close } it didn't work for all employees only for me I never asked why because well I need the money at the time } so I would work from 9 am to 7pm everyday and 10 am to 2pm on Saturdays but all the other workers will work from 10 am or 9am  to 4pm or 5 pm  and have some Saturdays off .

8th problem : because of 6 and 7 I didn't have time to spend with the family during the week {I didn't get to see my kids much because when I got home they where already in bed for school the next day } and they will tell me over the weekend how much they missed me and this completely broke my heart .

9th problem : I couldn't get sick or anyone in my family could either {unfortunelly my little girl got sick with the flu and I had to be out of work for 1 day and then again 2 weeks after do to im guessing side effects and I also had to be absent 3 days since she had to be in the hospital and my husband had to be home for the other kids due to that they had a school holiday and we also don't have any family around that can help us out with the kids . While my stay at the hospital I told the manager that was in charge what was going on and she never got back to me and hasn't til this day . No one ever checked up on me or my daughter.

10th problem : I had to train my supervisors { yes what your reading is right I had to train people when I wasn't trained myself and they where going to get paid more than me }whattttt

You know what ive learned about this experience , that I can't let anyone treat me like a number that I am valuable and I can teach myself anything and no matter what my morals are strong and I know I can over come any obstacles and I can do what ever I put my mind to do .

I live by a motto that I find more reliable today than ever " Don't ever take a step back not even to gain momentum , Always forward never backwards " . And like that I quit this job that I was draining in and im seeking something bigger and better and im not scare to fail due to im taking everything as a learning experience and I know next time I find myself in a situation like this I will not be as gaugeable and inexperience .

til next time ..

Monday, October 9, 2017

A few things

So after been sick for like two weeks with horrible allergies and then a massive cold I spend a lot of time in bed day /and night dreaming about the things I want and we need in our new home . we are pretty much staring form zero .. zero furniture zero everything  .. we only brought in clothes and decor and kitchen stuff and well all we can't live without . Mostly all our furniture stayed behind (actually sold) .

For those who don't know me you might not know that I looooooooooove making list about evrythinggg!!!!! and plans !!! oh how do I love to make list and plans!! I'm the queen at it ! anyhow I stared with the first room in my house and work myself in to the last room . I went in details from paint color to picture frames and so on , then I made my plans for each room ..then I put all the rooms together . Also I included a budget for every room . Witch I know it will be impossible to do all in a year (I'm not a millionaire and I also don't have the time) plus I will also like to make some things to give it a bit of us ..

I will get into a bit more details later on of each room but for now this is what my house looks like in plans since is easier for me to show all the rooms together . In the plans I included furniture and decor of what actually exist in each room at the moment as well as some things that are still to come .

This is the first floor witch includes the two car garage , two story foyer , a half bath, kitchen ,breakfast area, dinning room, formal living room/office(is what we are using it for) and family room . And as well as the stairs going up to second floor.

This is the second floor witch includes Our master bedroom ,bathroom ,walking closet , Youngest boy bedroom , little girl's room , walk in closet , kids bathroom , laundry room , oldest boy bedroom with his sitting area and walk in closet.

Our two youngest kids had the opportunity to pick between the front two bedrooms  while our oldest needed a space for when his friends come over (witch is very often) to have sleep overs and so on also play video games and do his homework since he doesn't need much help while the other two still need mum and dad for homework time  so he got to pick the biggest room other than the master.

This house is very comfortable and spacious but of course I will love to make some changes on some of the layout like adding another room to the downstairs to use as an office instead of the formal living room and make the kitchen a bit bigger (is big now a lot bigger than the last house I just want an island ) bahahha .. will also like to enclose the back patio and make the master shower a bit bigger and do some smalls changes here and there . what can I say I dream a lot .. but hey dreams do come true and while this house is not ours yet soon it will be and then we can star the big changes . For right now ill stick to paint , furniture and decor .

I will be going in more details on each and every room as things progress around here. Right now I'm just trying to survive this massive cold and enjoy my kids being home for fall break ..

until next time...

Saturday, October 7, 2017

30 random facts

I decided to do something different today by letting y'all get to know me bit more today ..

well here we go go go go..

1.Im a geeky person (yes video games and all )

2.Ive been to comic con and blizz con (yes I cosplay)

3.Im a hardcore WoW player (been playing since I was in jr year hs sooo around 11 years not to brag but I'm top 5 dps in my guild as a d.h)

4.I can fluently speak more than 3 languages

5.I was born in an island

6.I meet my husband via military internet communications

7.i did half of a semester of college while I was a senior in hs .

8.i wanted to be a pediatrician since I was 4

9.50% of my family members are doctors or surgeons the other 50% are military, lawyers ,nurses pharmacist , engineers, architects ,designers , I.T , authors , business owners, psychologist , and government employees (I have a hudgeeee family)

10.i always wanted to have a big family of my own (we have 3 kids) we want more

11. my dream was always to adopt a less fortunate kid (one day)

12.i was joining the military straight out of hs to pursue my pediatric career while serving my country  

13.im old school ( I love writing things down in my planner instead of using my phone calendar

14. I love watching youtube videos of people organizing and cleaning their homes

15. this bad but so true ( I need to go to home goods at least once a week ) yes I know I have a problem

16.i have a headache every single day (yes I've gone to the doctor I guess I have to take Motrin for the rest of my life)

17.before I speak in translate everything in my head a few times in different languages before I say it (I've gotten used to it I've been doing that since I can remember and is very fast people don't ever notice )

18. I'm the best at anything English related since it was my forte in school ;) now, math!!! bahahahhahah nope idk how I had honors on that subject when I tried so hard to skip every class

19. I did gymnastics for many years as a child

20. I did cheerleading for many years as a child and young adult

21.im extremely teddy around my house but my head is another problem (at the moment I'm thinking about 7 different things with 7 other different possibilities ) in different languages (go ahead and try) lol

22.My whole family plays video games (talking about that every Tuesday and Thursday night after kids go to bed you will catch my husband and I raiding with our guild)

23.i love having a mint leaf with my tea every night

24. coffe is my rescue in the morning

25. I can't sleep pass 6:34 (I've tried but I get cranky so best not to)

26. I have some what of an accent if you listen closely  or I get mad or exited or just any time I speak to fast lol

27.i love watching cartoons before bedtime .

28.i would never eat anything that has a face on ( they will have to take the face away before I even touch it)

29.talking about eating every year for my bday we go to the same restaurant since is my favorite but I only like to go one a year (yes I'm strange)

30. autumn/ and winter are my favorite season

until next time...

Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Are you as exited as I am ?? Ive been a fan of this show since the very beginning to say the least once they opened their silos shop I was there a month after opening due to that I now live in a different state and I took me a bit to get a plane ticket and blah blah blah .. anyways I'm exited to announce  that Chip and Joanna's home line called heart & hand with magnolia is coming to one of my favorite store this November 5th ! Yes you have read correctly our favorite couple and duo from our favorite show Fixer Upper is coming to target with their own home accessories and decor line .

To start the collection has around 300 pieces and the process with range between $.99 to $129.00 with  90% of the collection being less than $30.00 . Dreams do come true people , they surely do .To found out a bit more about this collection you can visit Target's faqs page or the Magnolia Market blog.

Are you as exited as I am ?? what you think will be your favorite pieces in the collection ??
until next time ..