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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Home tour : Our Foyer

Since we moved to our new home last year we haven't stopped working in it ... from completing a whole level to just adding some accessories around the rooms.

Finally we are almost done in our foyer so far this is the room or better said space we have ALMOST! completed  so i couldn't wait to share ....this past weekend we did  L O T S of projects witch I'm very anxious to share but let just go with the flow ... and with that i precent you our split foyer...


 If anyone remembers the list we had .. well to my happiness and my husband's sanity and well mine to is decreasing ...... {you don't know how happy that makes me feel ...} {imagine me doing some silly dance in my chair...}

And here is our list.....

  • fix flooring
  • add shoe storage {already owned from previous house}
  • add sitting area
  • add winter basket
  • add sandals storage
  • add work  boots storage
  • add later basket {talk about that later stay tune }
  • add hooks
  • add mirror {already owned }
  • add area rug {already owned , it was in a  different room at our  previous home }
  • decorate space 

Winter baskets ... well.. idk anymore about it since  we are in the process of adding a mudroom and well the garage is normally our main entrance . But who knows knowing myself ill change my mind one or 2 thousand times before i decide anything ...{yup no longer it takes us so long to finish a project}!!


Sandal storage .. Im in  pursued  of finding the right baskets for under the bench .... you might ask your self why would she need a basket for sandals well ill tell you .. Since I'm such a NEAT FREAK    and OCD ADDICT i don't like no one !! no exceptions using any kinds of shoes in our home... sorry!!...Yes you are more than welcome to come but please leave your shoes at the entrance thank you ..Anyways  back to the sandals i also have a funny bone about having my feet bare in the floor {carpet if we are upstairs} so thats why we have to have a basket of sandals for everyone in the family to use as soon as you walk up the stairs or for any visitors they will have their own basket with new flip flop sandals in their size.. so yes ! i say yes you might come and when you call don't be strange is i ask your shoe size .. WINK WINK... i know i know annoying!! right !! trust me is annoying to myself as well but not much i can do about it uh??

 Work boot storage & cleats .. Since my husband has to wear this big heavy military boots for work 5 days a week.. i decided to make him a little spot in the garage for the {huh muddy things} !! same as with the kids cleats... Baseball season just stared { hit one of the many reasons why I've been away} but not the main !..anyways thats another source of dirt and mud zoo to the garage they go in a corner until we finish our famous mudroom/space..

 BTW: process of this awesome bench will be coming out tomorrow....

Ps:yes i made all the pillows in less than an hour.. :::confession moment ::: {I'm addicted to my sawing machine !! } this is a cry for help...does anyone has the same problem? i want to saw everything in my house...staring with ..... oh no okay that is another day conversation.. me and the addiction to sew ..yeyyyy

Wall hooks ... I'm in also search for the the perfect hooks!!....we are lapping on doing something wityh that bare wall that the bench is against ..so will see what comes out..

Since we do come by here to get to the rest of our home like the living room ,kitchen , dinning room, couple bathrooms , bedrooms ,and back deck we decided to create a drop zone ... for some keys ... and sunglasses and what ever we decide to carry and unload from our pockets.. 

Another thing i just added this weekend was an umbrella stand yes is a diy project and i will share the details soon ... i do have other umbrellas and i have them you might guess .......give you a minute.................................. yup the garage..
but because this is my most favorite  beloved umbrella nope I've never used it and is been in my closet in its wrapper since my mother in law gifted to me for christmas oh is such a beauty..!!.yes like you might start telling i kinda grow fun and a bit of attachment to things people gift me .. I'm some kind of a hoarder of gifts.. ..

Well thats it from our foyer... hoped you enjoy the little tour....
what projects are you embarking your sell or have embarked your self that is taking you longer than you expected or you finish it on a blink of an aye ..???


Hillary Payne said...

Where did u get this rug?

alina dechick said...

Hello Hillary I got it about 2 years ago at urban outfitters unfortunelly I think they don't have it available anymore :( witch makes me very sad since I would if love to buy another one .. You can try eBay maybe you get lucky ..sorry

Xo Alina

Anonymous said...

Where did you find the dresser/shoe rack im guessing. It would be perfect for my entrance . tia

alina dechick said...

Hello Tia I'll be glad to let you know that this shoe storage is from ikea and it fits about 30+ shoes (all depending on the size of the shoes) here is the link http://m.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/art/40216908/

I believe it comes in two colors white and black-brown .. I hope that helps

Xox ,alina

Melissa said...

What is the dimensions of your foyer?

alina dechick said...

Hi there .. The dimensions are 91L x 45W .. Hope that helps .. Xox Alina

ClaireRogers82 said...

Hi, where is the mirror from?

ClaireRogers82 said...

Hi, where is the mirror from?

Sarah Easler said...

Claire....I saw this mirror at Target last year, they probably still have it!

Jess Koch said...

What is the measurements of your stairs? (Is there a standard lol? ) and how did you make the umbrella stand?

Jess Koch said...

What is the measurements of your stairs (is there a standard lol?) And how did you make the umbrella stand?