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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Annaliah’s DIY Xmas present.

Every year is a tradition we have since our first bundle of joy to make something that we DIYed for our kids .. this year my parents joined us  in Annaliah’s gift..

It all stared with the stroller and the kitchen and all that we figure she really likes to play home soo why not buy her a baby crib .. we looked out for many weeks and nothing stood out for us until one day we decided to pass by our local thrift store and buallaaaaaaaaaaaaaa  there it was a perfect little crib for our little Fairy princess dolls  ..

Yeah everything was going good until I saw the ridiculous price tag of $300.00 !!! whattttttt .. im sorry but it was to much for us at the moment with Christmas coming and hers and Charlie's birthday and our vacation way to much on our plate .. so we kept looking at it for about 10 more more minutes and my adorable and amazing husband said  “ oh I can make that “ !!…

I honestly had a lot of confident on that he could make it since he has made many beautiful things before even a home just by himself and well this is not our first rodeo ..
So we came home made a replica of the crib …. But of course me thinking ahead like always and making the hubs do more and just piling things up on his plate I said oh I think she needs somewhere to put all the dolls things clothes and what not .. and next thing I know we are making a little storage bench ..

I'm very sorry to inform you that I would not give the details for this DIY because ………..
Thanks to Instagram and Facebook many people have contact me via them and email to see if we can make some for their little princesses .. I want sure until my friend Tannia  pushed us out there to make a store on Etsy ,, but  that’s another story …

So here comes my mother …and Father
I order the fabric from one of my favorite fabric stores and and my mum bough the other items at one of my favorite craft stores .. and she made magic !!…And of Course my Daddy did the painting.

With no further due I give you what I consider to be our best project under 24 hours {to  be the first time and because my parents made it with us} yet..


well enough about the storage bench now to the crib part..

Yes she also made a pillow with a separately pillow case and a blanket for the dolly..isnt this sooo cute??

Also the mattress is a a very confortable peace of foam that she covered with another fabric and then made a fitted sheet for it..

She Really loves and enjoys her gift and she kisses her baby good night every night as well as tuck her in .. I have big hopes for this little girl some day she will be a great woman and what's better yet a great mother,.!!


PPs :We also made something for the boys but we will not be showing that until the playroom is done ..thank you ..

Update ** online fabric store contacted me to ask if they can feature this on their blog!!… how exiting is that??

saying dood byw

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