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Monday, April 27, 2015

Back deck and patio inspiration

Since summer is just around the conner we have stopped almost all projects inside our home to focus on the outside . we never did anything for the outside of our home exempt we'll plant some plants in planters  and put a chair here and there nothing out of the ordinary because well this is a rental after all but since this past few weeks we have learned that the owner won't be selling for a while and that we got a two year renewal with the opportunity of purchasing witch we are highly thinking about it but well thats another story for another day .

Back to the back deck and patio we want to start in the back and work our way to the front since we use the back so much more than the front .

we have a long list like always and well we already stared on it over this past weekend ..


  • power wash entered home 
  • bring what ever furniture we have on the deck down to the patio 
  • power wash back deck and patio 
  • sand loose wood particles of back deck 
  • stain back deck 
  • buy wood and fabrics for pergola 
  • start building pergola 
  • stain pergola 
  • build curtain rods around pergola 
  • build pergola roof
  • make curtains
  • buy area rug 
  • start buying furniture 
  • buy {diy } some decor pieces 
  • build some storage and extra furniture 
  • add lighting
  • finishing touches for back deck 

  • power wash patio 
  • bring grill , table and swing down from back deck 
  • buy area rug
  • build dinning table 
  • build bar - 
  • build counters around grill 
  • re furbish grill 
  • put up some curtain rods 
  • buy/ build seating area
  • sew curtains and outdoor pillows 
  • build steps to upstairs 
  • build fire pit 
  • add lighting 
  • build kids play area
  • finishing touches .

SO far thats all we have .. on the list but I'm sure will be adding more along the way ... for this projects we have 6 weeks so wish us luck since we have to give us a death line if not we will never finish also because we are going on summer vacation in 7 weeks and i would like to enjoy it before we leave and just come back to a beautiful patio when we come back ..

I put together with the help of my kids and husband some pictures of what we are going for with this  so we could have an idea on where to start .

And thats all we have folks .. at least for now ...

Until next time ...

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