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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Acrylic tray for less

lately I've been working on my office a lot !! among the other 456890234 projects we have {yes I'm exaggerating a bit  haha but any how with that this little 10 minute project was not on the list i post about here but it was something that i needed :0

Couple posts ago  i talked about all the things we were working on well I'm happy to say that we have completed more on each project ... i give you the stats .

What we are working on ..
  • Kids beds 75%
  • China cabinet 60%
  • reupholstering my studio chair 40%
  • 2 console tables 10%
  • putting final details on my studio desk 90%
  • remaking crafting table 95%
  • re organizing and decorating kids play room 80%
  • re organizing garage and back room 85%
  • decorating office 55%
  • book shelfs 10%
  • organizing studio/ craft closet 10%
  • organizing laundry area 10%
  • making 2 benches 15%
  • re doing kids table 60% 
  • re doing my vanity table 90%
  • finishing some details in master bedroom 85%

We are on our way .... tyne kids bed are almost done we just got to finish the head boards and the mattresses and getting here between today and friday  and thats it .. {doing a happy dance } also I've gotten a few questions via instagram about the china cabinet and well we are still working on since we are waiting on couple things we ordered  and we can continue with it until then we are sanding and painting .

Well back to todays project litary this morning i was sitting in my desk organizing pictures  for a next post about my desk and i tout about doing something with this acrylic "tray" i had on my desk holding my essential things . 

Materials : acrylic photo frame , paper or fabric {what ever you want to use } ,markers or anything to trace with ,tape  scissors .

I got this tray from Michael as well as the wrap paper back in november/december  the tray is not really a tray but a picture frame it was for about 6.99 and the paper about 2.00 .

step 1 and 2 :i measured and cut what i needed .

  After everything was measure twice and cut  time for step 3: i used double adhesive tape and taped the paper to the bottom of the tray {i did this for the reason that in case i want to change it or it gets damage would be very ease it to swap it .}

Step 4: accessorize

Source list : kate spade ,target ,michaels ,homegoods ,tjmax 

Until next time...

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