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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Its all about the bar cart cart .. ca a a rrrrr t

Out of the million and one projects we have been doing for the past two weeks my husband decided to surprise me last weekend with this awesome unexpected gift just because I've been waining like a little baby for so long {his words } ..

Ive been wanting a bar cart for very long to be exact for about two years  i was first in love with this one from anthropology  but it was more my husband style than mine also was a bit pricey .

Second favorite was this one . also a bit pricey and i work with it before with a client and it looked so much better in her back patio that inside the home .

And third but not least this one from target . the price was right and altho i didn't like the glass i could of easily swap it for wood but every time i went to buy it none opt the two targets around had it and i didn't feel like driving 50 miles to get it .

So after all my waining i guess my husband decided to take things into his own hands while i was away on a business trip last weekend well it was only for 67 hours and oh well i guess I've learned that i have to leave him alone more often so i can keep getting surprises like this one bahahah just kidding so because i took my camera and he is not very photographic kind of guy he didn't take pictures of how he made it but he left it half done since he didn't know what i would like as a final paint color or any of the bases and so on  . On sunday night when i got home he surprise me with it i was beyond ecstatic  but since it wasn't finished he left it all up to me to choose the final touches . I was very happy and i decided to take the rest and do it myself since monday morning i didn't have  much to do i figure who not .?.!

Since i wasn't part of the building process except for a little add on this is what he used to make almost the whole bar cart .. 

He spray painted black because well he fought that was the color i would want at first plus it would match with everything {also his words }
 Also i don't know  much about welding but i know he did a pretty good job since i can hardly see the seams and he explained to me that thats because he sanded them down for about 3 1/2 hours yikes !!

We had this metal rods at home from a project I've been intending to do for about 6 months and i asked him if we could use them instead to make some bottle holders and of course he said yes ..

. {please dont mind the mess in the back since he was stroll working on the kids headboards ..after this I'm off to do some finishing touches on one since is been raining a lot here and all the painting  projects have delayed }

Also i think there is a kids face in the back .thats do to my daughter playing hide and seek .

After the bottle holders where welded and sanded down  witch took about another 2 hours i sprayed painted the rest in black as well to see if i liked it that way witch i really didn't  so my next step was do another round of spray painting .

I took it outside so it could dry faster {like the rest of my grass!! cant wait for spring and summer ..sometimes winter is such a bummer } ha i didn't know i could rime i should make a book or maybe two  bahaha

He initiatively put some kind of wheel holder underneath each leg and used this little wheels we have hanging around the garage {sometimes we don't like trowing away things because they can be useful for something ales liken this case this little wheels we have 8 of them but only needed 4 }

Also since i didn't want glass and we didn't have any and i had some oak hanging around from a project my brother did while he was staying here in the summer , i cut it to size and pre drill some wholes in it so it would be easier to drill back in place later on . The color of the oak was a bit of black color since he stain it both sides  for his project but he didn't ended up using this board .

To give the distress look i wanted i sand it down to its originally oak color and stained with all this and to give it a little extra i want to say bedazzle i used the metallic glaze by Martha Stewart .

And this was and end rest after about 1 hour ..

Also since the wheels that we where going to use were silver and the cart was going to be gold i figure why not paint the metal part of the wheels in gold {witch later on on didn't came out the way i wanted them to come out } project fail .. but is okay to make mistakes at times thats who you learn the best {at least in my case }

So instead of the dinning room i decided to put in my office well why is that  ? well because there is a china cabinet going in next weekend in that space and i think it would be to crowded with things also because i spend a lot of time down here as well as my kids so i need something handy where we could maybe have some drinks {kid friendly of course } or  anything ales i later see fit .

Price break down :  First bar cart : $498.00
Second bar cart : $490.00
Third bar cart : $129.00
Ours : $53.00
All the materials where provided from Home Depot .
Tray is from target 
Flower base i dont recall if is from Home Goods or Tj Max but is one or the other .

Until next time.....

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