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Monday, March 2, 2015

Faux marble desk

Happy Monday y'all !..Since my hubs made the X desk I've had a little tickle inside of me that it needed more of stone look i dont know why !! but i just did and after browsing in that little addicted site called Pinterest i found many cool and amazing projects done with contact paper that simulate stone ! say what ! ??! .So after the conclusion of about 30 pins of marble contact paper i decided that it was the only route to take . So i ordered !! at first i was a bit spectacle about faux marble paper but when i got the rolls i just couldn't believe the quality and feel to it it was just insane how look a like to real marble it is not counting the soft feeling of it. 

At first i was going at fit nuts because it was my first time using contact paper on a peace of furniture and i really didn't want to mess up but also to my surprise was very easy to use as well as if i see any imperfection witch trust me i did {ocd in me cant help it} it was very easy to peal and stick back on without a problem .

For their bubbles i have this spatulas i got a while back from home depot . the come 3 in one pack for maybe less than 7 buckaroos and even that they are plastic they are very strong and they do the job wonderfully {not a single air bubble was left thanks to my handy handy spatula machine }

And here is the final product !! what y'all think?? .. personably i am in love with it . it has the feel of stone as well as the shine  couldn't heart it more if i could .

The sides where a bit tricky for me but i think i got the hang of it after couple times i had to unstick it and stick it back up ..{not at all frustrating }

And with this i give you a little tinny tour sneak peak of my office ...

Until next time ...


Anonymous said...

I love your marble desktop project. It is totally amazing, with an expensive look. Would you be willing to share where you ordered the contact from and/or the brand?
I am wanting to try this on a sofa table.

alina dechick said...

hello there.. thank you im glad you like it .. til this day im loving it as well ;) the paper is from a little unknown store called amazon lol (dont mind me ) ps: is on sale!!!..
good luck with your project feel free to tag me on my intagram <alinadechick_
xo alina