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Friday, February 27, 2015

Inside my drawers (desk)

Yesterday i shares how we made my awesome X desk  and today i would like to share how i organize the drawers so far . To this there is not much magic or thinking i just used what i had in hand and i only put in what i need almost on a day basis so it won't clutter the little space i had . All the other things are in the closet i would like to call the craft closet  this is an unfinished closet like most of the downstairs of our current rental that i use to store a lot of office , crafts and decor things but more about that later .. back to the drawer situation .

For starers the two drawers on the size are 18inL x 10inW and the center is 18inL x 25inW .to me they are pretty good size drawers also they all have a hight  of 4 1/2in that also was sufficient for me .

Now lets take a peek inside ..

I stared by laying some wrapping paper just like i did to the acrylic tray ..

Next step was to organize everything according to my needs .

I got some acrylic organizers at the dollar spot at target that fit like a ring they where exactly what i needed and without spending a fortune .

On the left drawer u put all the things i use the most with my camera ,computer and so on .. An extra lens some lens covers extra memory cards another little digital camera for little things extra address labels and stamps and some batteries and chargers

Middle drawer thats where i keep my most important binders , agendas , planners ,labeler {hello my name is Alina and I'm a label-holic}.and some notes pads and sketch pads for inspiration also i recently got a love note from my oldest kid and i keep there close to me .

Since most of my writing and scrap booking and crafts i do on the right side of my table it was only logical to have this drawer here with all i need . like wash tapes ,ruler paper clips , extra label tape, a measuring tape , ruler, magnetic tags , an old iPod with really good music on  and sometimes when i like to exercise my brain i like to play with the pocket IQ test ..

Did you know that they have gold foil label tape now !! i was in heaven when i got it,,!! 

This is the side view of the desk ..

Well i hope you enjoyed my little drawer tour ill be bringing more goodies tomorrow...

until next time ...

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