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I'm a overly proud mommy of two wonderful yet chaotic boys and a gorgeous little girl  also married to the most wonderful man in the world witch i drive crazy with so many of my ideas. life for me is constantly chaotic in the most fulfilling possible way. wouldn't change it for nothing in the world .

As right now i can tell you that i stay at home with the kiddos must days as well as work with some of my clients when i get the chance since  my most important duty is to my family . I have a degree on interior design but since i still have 1 kid at home i can't fulfill my career the way i wish to at the moment . So for that i take clients here and there in my free and spare time ,, when I'm not running in back of kids or going from baseball to dance practices .

This little blog of mine is my outlet to the world its just a way to document all the things we do in our homes and happen in our life . Also my outlet to craziness. i like documenting  the things I'm into and love at the time and all of that  and more. 

And now is the time to thank my other half the one that i need for everything .Every time i need for him from pounding a nail on the wall to making a tree house for our little munchkins he is always there. I love him so much and i don't know literary what i would do without him i would be nothing. He is the love of my life and just like our kids he is my inspiration to better myself .

Thanks for viewing my site where i will share projects we have done around our humble home and tips and tricks  that might help you about our family  and things around the house that will make your life better , easier and of course organized. i hope i can inspired you to do so.

please don't be shy to email me or comment always a friendly word makes me smile and ill be so very happy to reply .



ariana spencer said...

Awe your family is just to drool for ! keep the good work! .
xo Ariana

alina dechick said...

awe thanks sweetie..
xO Alina