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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A Parisian Soiree !

Over the weekend i had some dear friends of mine stop by with their babies i was very exited to see them since i haven't seen them in couple years . I decided to trow a little get together  just to chit chat  and remember old times.

Then Friday night my husband and I stared preapering for Sunday afternoon baking and so on (him baking me the so on ) Sunday i found out that Michael's Stores was doing a Paris theme contest witch whats not to love ?? Paris !! or contest !!??  so there i went running to Michael's that Sunday morning as soon as they opened I was the first one thought the door.. I went there to buy couple supplies i needed . for my little get together and of course for their Michael's Makers Challenge .

Note: All the flowers were found at Michael's and hurry they are all 50% off !!

I will like to add that the came was done by me! bahahha i cant even take me serious when i write it !! okay okay the truth is that my amazing hubby stayed up late friday night baking this amazing cake  is a Vanilla cake with cheese cake frosting  i only did the decorating of it  and ..i had nothing but good compliments about the taste and decoration ! so i guess we make a drear team !! btw yes my husband is one of those very rare gems like the black diamond  he is an Ace of all trades .

Since my dinning room paint jobs isn't the greatest in the work { every time i look at it makes me cry kind of thing } i covered it with some back drop fabric for the shoot .

These treats are mini cakes they are the same flavor that the cake is but cover in white chocolate  with ill like to call it a flower for decor .

Note : All the how to and sources will come  tomorrow since this was to much of a heavy picture post ..

Don't you wish you where in paris right now..?? i do..!!!

Now is your turn ..to enter this Contest this is what you should do .

  1. Create your  own Parisian-inspired art, floral, baking or paper crafting project
  2. Upload your photos  to https://paris.michaels.com/ through March 31. 
  3. You can also share your project on social Media using #SpringtimeInParis #Contest.

Good luck!

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