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Monday, March 9, 2015

Diy flower arrangement

 Happy Monday .... hopefully your weekend wasn't like mine .. first saturday i had to wake up all three kiddos give them baths and feed them all by 9 o clock to take a trip to Atlanta to pick up their daddy from the airport that he flew in to Texas to see his big sis and do couple business transitions . That same Saturday i had the smart idea to go into Ikea ! whhhhhyyyyy i was crying midway to the entrance lol it was bring your friend day and holly cow was it full so full the day care that they have in there was so full that you had a 2 hour period of waiting before your kid got in .. no thank you need less to say all the cashiers where open ALL OF THEM and the lines when all the way back to the garden section ! WHAT!!  .. I'm i kicking my self in the butt still?> well yes i am .. because with 2 out of my kids screaming and my husband and i having anxiety attacks inside that place it was no picnic . Well i went in for a dresser and i came out with some l.e.d lights for the boys room 8 Ribba picture frame a dresser and a few cereal containers and that because thats all we could handle we went in trough the catchier department and made it to the kitchen department didn't even get to go upstairs and decided to leave.Note:  last time we ever go on a saturday specially when they have that bring your friend day thing . So none the less i decided to hit up the mall and the fabric outlet after lol i don't learn !!..then when we got home, and  i got to try my new vacuum that was delivered that saturday while we where gone.. {amazing by the way }...

Okay lets get back to track .. last week i hosted a little soiree with some of my friends and the team  was  #springtimeinparis  so today ill be bringing you how i made the floral arrangements .

To make the little bouquet of flowers i simply picked up  two planters from Michael's with the bouquet of flowers already arranged that way and simply put them inside  and for the planters and  i tided a pink ribbon with a bow around it just to give it a little bit of a girly flare to it with the help of some hot glue .

And this is the end result of those ..

Now for my next flower arrangement  i uses this green foam balls also found  at Michaels and cut them almost half to size so they can fit tightly without moving on top of my pedestal candle holder witch i got from Home Goods .

Like this...

The flowers came in their own bouquet all i had to do was cut them to size ..

After doing that i inserted them very carefully into the balls and placed them on top of thew pedestal candle holders .

 Note :Also i didn't wanted them to move much witch they did so under the foam ball i insured a double sticky command strip that made them not move at all and when it was time to take off was just a breeze ..

And thats all of  it flocks .... easy and simple...

Source :  Michaels = Paris letter sign {i painted white and gold original color brown }, flowers , paper for tassel garland (diy) ,bird cage , plates and utensils {glitter paint for untesils } , Foam balls ,pink ribbon.

Home Goods ,Tj max : round server plate , pedestal candle holders ,  gold Eiffel Tower 

Target : cake stand ,utensil holder 

DIY : table runner , garland , cake and mini cakes {baked by my husband and designed by me } ..

note : we are finished with the boys beds and their almost with their bedroom so hopefully at the end of this week ill have some updates to bring .

until next time..

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