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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Planning Tray

I cant believe it has been almost 3 weeks since my last post what !!! well resin behind that is that first my oldest son running around in the beach  stumble upon a pice of glass and cut two of his toes and we had to rushed him to the hospital and he got 28 stitches 17 in the front and 11 in the back of his toes  {yeah it was that bad i mean we saw bone} .. i dont know if it was the mommy in me getting all into a panic mode but i definitely saw something it was one if not the worst moment in my life  and to my surprise my son hardly cry or in fact didn't cry at all he was in such of a surprise /panic /adrenaline state that he didn't feel it until the next day while we were cleaning his stitches . he is all better now his stitches have come off and he has gone back to school this past monday witch not being selfish our anything because i love my kids and i love having them around has given me a bit of time to come down to my studio and finish couple things because while he was enjured i took off my professional / work woman cap and put on the nurse one and of course the mommy one is always there but i enforced it a bit more . i know he needed me so i didn't want him to see me working while i was support to be taking care of him . Im sure that all the mommies out there understand me .

Well now to my little 5 minute project right ?>...

Well while my son was injured i took out this old tray i had i dont even know how i got it so he could sit  down in the family room and eat or even in his bedroom witch any other day would of been a big no no in our family but  this was a special occasion and  he could hardly move . on monday while i was putting all his things back and just organizing the house i came a crossed the tray and well a light bulb when off  .. I'm always complaining that i have to do all my planing {because i cant live without planning } if not in my studio witch is downstairs  or in my dinning room or in my vanity area {more about that later } witch to me is a pain since i want to be sitting in the couch or in the bed but iu have much to cary around and no where to put it . 

This are the items i use on a daily basic for panning ...

  • My Kate Spade planner {witch is my professional planning .. where i have all my meetings and clients  info and all that good stuff } .
  • A cute target planner that i made into my blogging and project planner .{ since this planner the majority of time is at home i didn't need for it to be high end or anything like that i wanted to be cute to look at and very efficient witch by the way it is i highly recumbent it and at 19.99 who can go wrong right ..
  • my kikki k planner that i use for everything { thats where i keep all my family outings , school activities , appointments , to do list , shopping list , and so on and its always in my purse .
  • Stickers {what better way to decorate at the same time be organize than stickers }
  • Washi tape {im so addicted to them i just ordered 20 rolls from a little shop in the Netherlands that made them just to die for } unfortunately they dont have a store online yet but soon i cant wait !!  {they just do me the favor since I've been a loyal costumer for years ..how i contact them if their not online well via email or phone ..{ill do a post about them when i get my package so y'all can see what I'm talking about as well give you a little back story i came a crossed this little shop .}
  • post it notes {witch i also ordered from that shop } but normally i get them at the sol;lat spot int target , Jo Ann fabrics , hobby lobby or Michael's.
  • A note pad {i always like to write little notes down for later.
  • pens ! love love pens i need to have them all even tho i only write with black in i l;ike hightailing certain words and so one with the color ones ,
  • Scissors {to make straight ages while cutting washi tape }
  • last but not least my iPad and phone why you might ask with all the planners because sometimes i cant take my planners out with me no matter how small they are if I'm going to a fancy dinner  with a client or my family or anything like that i dont want to be rude by taking out a planner in the middle of the dinner to check if I'm free just in case they want to do something right >? so my iPhone and iPad serve me as my everything planners tech wise {everything thats inside my paper planers all 3 of them is inside my phone and iPad .} pot course couple things are coded since people love to hack into others tech devices and i dont want to make it so easy so everyone could know all my family information and personal affairs .

I'm thinking of making some kind of post regarding how i keep my life organize with my planner .. maybe soon..

Back to the project .. well the tray was initially like pine color looking a bit distress since i dont know how long has been sitting in a box in the back room all i did was give it a good cleaning , sanded down and sprayed painted it . witch i dont have pictures of that process because i didn't thought of blogging about it was just giving it a purpose at the time witch it was to serve my son .

After my son was done with it i had some extra marble adhesive contact paper from my previous project and decided to put it to good use .

Ta da...!!/..
nothing fancy but it helps tons ... now i can relax in the couch wit my "planning tray " and not have to worry if the wash tape or scissors have gone down trough the cram of the couch cushions ..

until next time ...

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