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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Vanity sneak peek

hello there I've been a bit of a busy bee this week planing spring break trips while taking care of a sick husband a sick baby girl and now me again ! is like a non stop vicious circle of germs i ve gone trough 9 cans of lysol and other germs killers and 5  big tube rolls of desinfectant wipes  as well as 2 big bottles of disinfectant gel ! and nothing !! but i cant stop my kid from going to school and my husband from working !! i just hope this ends before spring break ! ..

Well today is Easter in many parts of the world .. well happy Easter mates .. In my house we normally  celebrate easter with a brunch , easter egg hunt ,games ,and bit of a dinner party  but unfortunately we are sick and i dont want to bring anyone to my infected quarantine home so today will be a cosy dinner with just the 5 of us . And to me that means more than any party . So this morning i got up really early putting every single ounce of energy to hide some eggs and finish easter baskets so my kids could have a decent easter when they wake up and like so they did . They were extremely happy with what they got and since no one had a fever we decided to go into town and catch a movie  .{have you seen HOME} awe such a lovely film i cried of happiness and well laughter is such a good family movie ! i highly recommend it if you haven't seen it to go see it your kids will love it as well as you will trust me my kids for the first time didn't move out of their chair not even to go potty !.

So this afternoon when i got home I've notice while taking the bit of make up i had on my face that i have never showed my vanity area and no today i would not be showing everything but just a sneak peek since is always a work in progress but is almost done just couple more twists and finito .

Ps: excuse for the very poor lighting since we never use the ceiling lights in our master so today after months of not using them i notice only one lightbulb was good out of four ! yikes ! #sorrynotsorry . and well i dont have any spare ones but dont worry already put it as number 3 priority list for this week.

this is what the drawer looked like before  .. it had this felt fabric with some sticky paper on every single drawer {there is 3 }  i wasn't a fan of the dark felt fabric a while back but thats what it came with until the other day i was reading the Iheartorganizing blog witch fyi i heart ! and she did a little project with some flower paper from target then a light bulb came one {and no i dont mean the ones in my room because those are still off } ah i can do the same since i had two rolls of that paper laying around in my craft closet from a previous project and well i see pretty anything and i buy it {hello my name is Alina and i have a pretty /girly things problem }

So first i took it out and it was dearly easy since the stickiness of the fabric was wearing off  and i cleaned the drawer with my vacuum and the damped a cloth and did a second round of cleaning just making sure it was stickiness and particles free {dont mind me please since I'm such a clean freak i just had to do that} #ocdproblems 

i used the fabric felts as template to the new paper liner and it was a such a breeze setting them in. {oh btw i did the same steps with this that i did with my desk i sticked some double sided tape  in back of the paper ;) }

And that was it .. a very easy 10 min project and  well like i said this is just a little sneak peek of a bigger project but since not everything is done at the moment and unfortunately it won't be finish for another 5 weeks since we are going on a little spring vacation in 2 weeks and we have some other priorities at the moment .

Ps:boys beds are so done and I've been wanting to snap some pictures but life always gets on the way if is not being to sick to get off the bed is that other dis not enough hours of the day from /taking care of kids/husband /house/work {yes i do have a job /blogging is just a bit of  a hobby } and other things the point is i will get to it i promise before we leave i will have it up #onzeblog .

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