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Friday, April 10, 2015

Office chair makeover

hello there loves!..busy busy week like always since I'm back to work i have two new clients witch I'm basically doing their whole home ! yikes!.. but last week i decided to finish couple things in my office well to make it comfortable for me to work from .

Ive been debating for months on what kind of chair i can but in this space main function had to be comfort second style ( and i was in a bit of a low budget) i found some at our local rehab center that was great !! but after trying it out for a few months i just couldn't see it in the space . it was just to bulky . until last week when we stared renovation the dinning area {finally } oh also guess what  ??!! we are not going to be moving for a few now since our lease got extended two years so we can save a bit more and have more options when we try to build again also because we are thinking on buying this home and renting it out to my younger brother  . but thats feature plans and will see how everything turns out later {ill keep y'all posted}

So back to the chair  we didn't need the chairs in our dinning room anymore so i decided to bring two of them down to my studio/office space because well they are very comfortable  and since i wasn't digging the original faux leather look i opted for some cute fabric i had hanging around in my craft closet {that reminds me i need to organize that asap so i can finally put it up #onzeblog }.

This is the chair i stared with please dont mind the dirt since after we didn't have any use for any anymore it was storage in our back room storage in the garage and there it go all sorts of dirts but after a good cleaning like new minus some wear and of course thats normal after 6 years and also not being a great material to start with and with small kids dont get me stared .

I decided on this over loop fabric i have hanging around the craft closet  that i just heart .

This is what it actually will look like in the chair ..

I stared at the top and worked myself down . It was a fairly ways project since I've done a few quite like this before .

I didn't wanted to take the leather of i just covered it with the fabric witch by the way is super tick so you could not see any leather beneath it no matter how much you try .

this is what the back looked like by this point.

I wanted to give it a little me and well there is no me without flowers and colors and well i had this fabric brought to me from brazil witch eu amo  {i heart} and well there was no debate on what to do with it .. isn't it sooooo pretty.!!

since i wanted to cover the seams and what not i added some of this awesome nails same process i did when we made our bed.

The fair originally had this lithe seem in the back so i tough of doing one as well ..

and well this what the back looks like ..

and this is the front .

and until next time...


Suzie Jackson said...

Can I simply say WOW! What an amazing job on this chair. I have never recovered one like this. You made it seem so easy. If your ever interested in me guest hosting this post at my site let me know. It is by far my fave DIY I have seen this week. Visiting from CityofLinks Party!

alina dechick said...

Oh wow you got me blushing over here !! Thank you so much for the sweet comment and of course I would love to be a guest on your site just let me know what I have to do ;) email me if you can {alina.dechick.gmail.com } hope to hear from you soon :) xo Alina

alina dechick said...

Sorry email is alina.dechick@gmail.com (auto correct ) xo Alina ;)

Mary S. Hernandez said...

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Mari Corona said...

This is awesome! I have a chaise lounge chair at got at Bob's discount store few years back and it is beginning to show some cracks this came just in time thank you!!!

alina dechick said...

Oh bahahhaha I got this on at bobs as well a while back .. And well I'm glad I was able to help :)