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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Boys bed {part one}

Oh this is a very long post coming for many many weeks now I've said that i would show the kiddos bed and well is finally here ! and well ill have to break this into 3 parts all witch ill be bringing trough the week since  i dont want to make this post too long .

So lets get into it...

My kids had beds before pretty good beds {thats what i tough when we bayed over 1000 for them } there were very simple ones and they were actually bunk beds that we made into two bed since our celling in this house wasn't very high but after 4 years and my kids daily use {abuse} to them it was time to replace them . we fought of buying but why when we could make them for less and way more durable . First thing i wanted was storage ! i need storage ! my kids love to display things so that was a most ...!!

For this project we use 12in by 1 1/2in  wood ,nail guns ,lots of nails and pins , paint , paint gun , {the majority of tools used in this projects were all air tools .}

The steps for the frame were pretty easy peasy similar to the ones found HERE

We measure it not one or twice but 3 times i didn't want to make any mistakes 

We use this sander to get all straight / smooth edges .

And also to make smooths curves ..

Like this ..since i didn't want any sharp edges {you know boys will be boys }

To paint the whole bed we use this paint gun .. may i add how much i heart this tool!! makes painting such a breeze literary .

 And well here you have the bed frame  with only the primer by this point ..

And thats all for today but here is a little sneak peak of tomorrows post..

so until next time...

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