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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Boys bed {part 2}

Well here we go part two of the making of the boys beds.. if you missed part one you can see it HERE 
Since the bed frame was don it war time for the headboard and storage area ..this project took us between building ,sanding ,cleaning ,priming and painting about 2 weeks {since well we both have jobs and kids to take care off }.

First the hubs stared with a simple frame {please dont mind the mess of our  garage this place can never get clean once we stet cleaning here comes one of us with another project is a vicious cycle }

He glued and nailed everything together very nice and secure  because well we have boys and they love to destroy ...

Then he framed the frame lol  please dont mind my corkiness it just happens ..

After to secure the who thing he nailed plywood to keep everything secure .

And then we added some shelfs to one side and to the other side as well plus two drawers for sucks and undies ..

We made the drawers the same way we made the ones for my desk  ,by this point we were in the priming process ..

Then i took a break to start working on the actual headboards.. (note we made this beds because we were actually moving to a different house and there the boys would of have had their own bedroom but know we are kind of stuck here for a bit witch in my opinion is kind of great }

Back to the headboards i stared with some plywood , beating foam and leather , spray glue , scissors and of course a nail gun .

First i nailed the bating onto the plywood and by the way i used double bating for more of  couching feel .

Then i laid  the leather right side down and placed the plywood and beating onto of it and there i stared cutting ..

And for the comers i did the same fold as i do with all my upholstery projects .

Is quit easy {oh by the way dont be jealous of my manicure you cant get it it is exclusive for me by my doughter only two people were rocking it at the time numero uno myself and second my husband yes !! you have seen right other than being such a great hubby and putting up with all my building and decoding craziness he puts up with our little girl tea and make-up party demands . isn't he perfect } but he is only mine !! bahhahah {evil laugh }

Back to the beds after 3 days of painting and sanding between coats and letting it dry it was time for some lights and yes lights . our boys love to read specially our oldest so since i dont really trust them with a night light been there done that kind of thing we opted for this awesome cool new lights strips curtsy of our local Ikea

And well since we didn't want our younger boy to pull on them my hubby invented this awesome keep your hands to yourself cover .

And for the back lights well we didn't need to since this will be agains the wall and there no little fingers can touch them ..

The next step was to add the headboard i made couple days before and for that you'll have to wait for the next episode of boys bed part treux...

So no sneak peaks on this one .. and until next time ,..

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