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Thursday, April 16, 2015

boys bed {part 3} the reveal

happy thursday .....today is a very special day since I'm finally going to be revealing the boys beds .. so drumroll please nahhah jk jk .. well jut to give you a re cap if you haven't seen the other part 1 and part 2 of the making of the beds you can check them put HERE and HERE .

Well then lets start ....

This is what the beds look like .....fully finish with the headboard in place and everything .. the whole decoration of the shelves hasn't really happened yet in fact the boys where the ones that did the decorating and i left it like that since it was a special touch and i thought it didn't look bad..

Note :dont mind the lighting in this room because is super hard to photograph since is a very dark room  the only tow windows it has are in the very back of the house and not much sun or light comes though them {but thats just how the boys like it }

Now a look from the other side ...

A little close up on the headboard you said ?? of course..

Is a very simple headboard since the beds are so massive i wanted to give it a little more of the masculine touch with the leather but still comfort and a bit of style .. {btw my husband designed this beds all on his own }this was his very first alone project  well i helped along the way but this was all his designed i didn't have a saying on anything  and i love them ...so keep up the good work honey .

Moving on to the center  and no the bed are actually the same size we did the measurements but the floor in one side of the room is a little lower than in the other side by a about an 1 in and that doesn't not make a lot of difference you cant actually tell at all unless you but this bed together and then well you'll notice .

Oh btw if you are wondering what are the little boxes next to the shelves well thats how they control the lights ...

Moving on to the hardware since we are going with a travel theme in this room mostly Nautical the hubs decided to use this pulls that scream treasure chest!! doesn't it ??

Okay now a look into the beds at night  or well in the case with the lights off ..

 Ps:the lights change colors on their own or they stay still on what eve color you put them on ..their bedroom is not huge is actually a good size room but with this bulky beds it looks smaller and it feels smaller bit again this is a room to relax in and to sleep and what ever they want they have a huge playroom downstairs were they do their playing most of the time  but  my husband still wanted to make this room fun and whats more fun than changing color lights he said .. well i tell you that my kids  L  O   V   E   it ..

And finally this is the look from the hallway just staring at the beds ,,

well i hope you guys enjoyed it and are not disappointed for the wait because well i know this beds are not a lot people styles thats including me but they have grown in me so much the past few weeks and most important my boys love them and well thats all it matter right !..

Note : since i took some pictures of this room i would like to let you know that tomorrow ill be bringing you a more update look of their room tour since well i dont know for how long this room can stay this clean {my boys are normally very clean but boys are boys and most of it they are kids not robots and i cant expect much to say that they do make messes } also want to let you know that this room has stayed incredibly clean for the past two weeks with maybe the occasionally beds not being made but who cares when their is not a big mess to pick up {one happy mum here }.

well until next time ..

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