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Friday, February 6, 2015

This drugs are making me crazyyyyyy

ha caught you !! ..this season other than amazing holidays and snow and fun time with the family also brings runny noses and sickness to our home . For the past months everyone in our home has been very sick i mean in bed rapped up like a mummy sick ! and we thank god are just getting over most of it . So like you might imagine we had to pause all projects . but we stared back up yesterday . yayyyy..!!

What we are working on ..

  • Kids beds 50%
  • China cabinet 60%
  • reupholstering my studio chair 30%
  • 2 console tables 10%
  • putting final details on my studio desk 90%
  • remaking crafting table 90%
  • re organizing and decorating kids play room 70%
  • re organizing garage and back room 80%
  • decorating office 50%
  • book shelfs 10%
  • organizing studio/ craft closet 10%
  • organizing laundry area 10%
  • making 2 benches 15%
  • making coffee table 10%
  • re doing kids table 60% 
  • re doing my vanity table 80%
  • finishing some details in master bedroom 85%
so far that is everything we were working on...wish us luck we kind of needed !! since we have a dead line {photo shoot coming up in 4 months }uppsppsssssssss@!!  {over the moon exited for this opportunity , thats all i can say for now}

Today I'm sharing the mess we have make in the linen closet were we keep our medicine and fairs aids during this sick month .. because honestly we didn't care until i got a bit better and my odd kicked back in .. oh what fun was not have it for a little bit.!!

Step 1: realize we were having a problem !

Step2:took everything over our  dinning room table and took everything out of the baskets ..

Step 3: here is were i began the sorting process .. things that i didn't need or what where in the ring spot or even yes expired medication !!! ..

Step4: organize everything and put all back where it support to go .

Step 5: don't forget to toss everything that you took out or put it back where it originally came from .!..

and that is it for this easy organization project .

Ps: sorry for the lighting this linen closet is in the middle of my kids room upstairs and it has no natural lighting at all  i think this is one of the darkest place sin my home .

until next time ...

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