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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

50 Random Facts About Me

I'm going to call this day RANDOM WEDNESDAY is not going to stick but i guess just for today...

i want y'all to know a bit about me so here goes nothing.

  1. I can fluently speak, write and understand 3 languages ..can understand and have a bit of a conversation in another two and can comprehend and some what say things back in another two  {and will love to learn 3 more as well as get better in the ones I'm not fluent in .}
  2. i wanted to be a pediatrician when i was a kid .{love kids .. my family used to say i had sweet blood for them that they could smell the sugar in my blood bahaha}
  3. i was not born in the US.{have been raise here but not born } {total citizen fyi and not because of marriage }
  4. i have really bad anxiaty {while my husband disconnect from everything around him to sit/ lay to watch tv I'm thinking of a million things and i get up to start one of them }.
  5. i have a middle name that only a few members of my family knows it {had is not there anymore since i married
  6. I'm only 25 {with 3 kids i know right }!! 
  7. i graduated hs in 2008 {went to collage for interior designed never finish do to the kids but have been taking classes here and there and hopefully will be graduating in 2016.
  8. im a die hard fan on doctor who {have been watching it since i can remember what tv }
  9. my dvr is at 98% and I've only have watched 30 % {back to to number 4 on this one }
  10. without exaggerating i have about 5 unfinished projects in my garage and 6 in my studio .
  11. im not cheap at all i love to go shopping but if i can do it better {or the hubs -for less why not } i like to get my hands dirty.
  12. i know everything you need to know about a car {thanks babe}
  13. im not a fan of beer on less is Canadian or my hubs have made it  I'm a lover of wine.
  14. i have horrible memory {can't remember my own birthday } NOT KIDDING !! the 31st of this month y'all ...!!! bahah 
  15.  i have a slight accent because of where i was raise and who was around me .
  16. i can't process things like everyone ales because while someone has thought of one specific tough i have fought of 4 .
  17. i could never be tickled when i was a kid or adult until recently i didn't even know the sensation of being tickled
  18. i like to bend over backwards to crack my back 
  19. i have a very big shame with my weight since after baby numero 3 i went up to 200lbs but I'm going down slowly but surely !!just got to keep my head up 
  20. i have really bad OCD  {no closet in my house can't ever be messy !!} but with 3 kids the rest of my house looks like zoo at times
  21. i dislike fast food minus xaxbys {we had that today}
  22. i dont like window shopping (i know !! right I'm a woman right )
  23. my hands and feet are always at 0 degrees no matter what temperature is outside 
  24. i can't stand shedding from any animal {the hair drives me insane to the point of sneezing until a pee ..i know gross right but i said random facts }
  25. i used to work with victoria's secret models (the ones from the p!nk line }
  26. im a bit clueless with the techs {my hubs is a tech guy thank god } but I'm still getting the hang of it just yesterday i made ,edited and uploaded my first video .
  27. i despise washing dishes {thank god for the hubs again and the dish washer } and i also despise laundry but i can fold it and put it away like no ones business .
  28. back to laundry there is always laundry all over my stairs since my kids love to trow even the hubs does it at time the laundry down from the stairwell to the laundry area.
  29. im a big baby when it comes to cuts or blood specially if it comes out of my kids {did i said i wanted be a doctor ??}
  30. I'm scare of the dark i still sleep with a teddy bear i have since i was a baby i call him {fluffy}
  31. i love writing things down 
  32. im a pretty good drawer {or at least thats what they have told all my life } in fact my mum wanted me to be an artist .
  33. my husband has a hard time understanding my handwriting .
  34. even tho i can speak so many lanes my husband only speaks one even tho he knows couple words in two other {thanks to mua }
  35. i want to have a forth kid before I'm 30 {but it might be to much to handle }
  36. hints I'm from an island 
  37. i have family in many states and countries 
  38. DeChick is my real last name {got that when i married MR. DeChick even tho his last name 80 years ago was diccico but when his family immigrated to this country they decided to change it to DeChick }
  39. my bed has to be made at least 90% of the time {it doesn't stay like that all day since my kids love to jump on it }
  40. i have 2 tattoos 
  41. i love cherry coke 
  42. i dont ever use the word hate {i have never liked it is a very strong word if you ask me }
  43. i thought of blogging many years ago around 2010 but at the time i was joggling to many things and i stared again in 2013 and gave up and then again and they stole my info so i gave up and then one last time 2014 and i guess 3rd time is the charm I'm here to stay . yes we all have a life beside blogging but i made a commitment this year to at least 2 to 3 post per week no exemptions .
  44. i have a younger brother {who is a model }
  45. i meet my hubs while i was in my last year of hs and i was entering the Marines and him being Army told me it was a bad idea but i didn't listen  even tho other things got in the way and i could get in and i had to bend over backwards to break the contract .
  46. im a preppy girl at heart {always been always will be } my hubs is a very country boy so we meet in the middle 
  47. i can't live without coffee or hot chocolate 
  48. there is night i can't sleep {for example tonight} i got to much on my mind and i can't sleep until i write it down .
  49. i would love to have breakfast at Tiffanys again {i did when i was a child but it want much to enjoy since i remember only bits and pieces }
  50. i can't live my house without perfume .

until next time..,

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