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Tuesday, January 27, 2015


This past weekend all i could think about was valentines day my kids were very exited with the wreath i made lats week so they asked if i could make something for inside the house . And without any hesitation i said YES OF COURSE ! .. and thats what brings me to this.. what other fun thing there is that pom poms ??? kids and cats approved ! ... 

i bough a pom pom maker two years ago to make some thinker bell shoes for halloween and oh have i gave use to that little thing . they sell them in different sizes i opted for  a bigger one since i can always trim the pomp pomp to what ever size i prefer later on . ..

here is what you need to make this project ..

Hot glue gun .
hot glue sticks .
scissors .
exacto knife 
card board / card stock 
yarn {lots of it and different colors }
lots of time .

i made a total of 25 to 30 pomp pomps in different colors . i did it in a period of two nights { since the projects are done at night time most of the time because elf little hands getting into everything } I'm sure I'm not the only one with this issue .

I also did a video tutorial MY FIRST to be exact so please be patient since I'm getting the hold of this in no time ill be a pro . bahahaha

For those who can't view the video i did took some pictures of the process .

now to make the heart wreath i simply traced and cut out a template out of card box since we have so many hanging around because of the move .

And for the garland  i jut graved an very long peace of yarn and threat trough the center of every pom pom.

My mantel is not nearly done with the valentine decoration but this was the start and it might not peal interesting or beautiful to  some adults but the ones that live in this house and the kids are loving it.

Ps: we took a bit of a break on our living room to work on our boys beds {long story will be back at the end of the week with the updates} 
PPS:will continue working on the living room /dinning room /and play room staring monday ..wish us luck ...

ppps: if you follow me on instagram you'll see the latter things we are up to.

until next time..

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