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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Decisions : Console tables

We have made a bit of progress in our family room  but i dont want to show it just yet since is still long from finish .. 2 days ago i posted about what we are looking and going with this space and what we have so far done .

  1. We re-store our old mirror from above the fire place .
  2. We stared making the big console table that goes behind the sofa .
  3. I stared hunting for the perfect coffee table .
  4. I bough the supplies for the art .
  5. We put up some pictures of our family on the wall .
  6. I stared buying pillows for the sofa and fabric .
  7. We hanged some curtains that i made .
  8. We bough some dvd storage .
  9. We got our shag rug .

As the number 2 in our list this is what we are planing on making just on a bigger scale .

The second console table is more like ...just a bit more rustic since is going to be made out of wood.

or.... like this...also less girly .. {not my words }

{All images were found in Pinterest }

what y'all think ????...

Now i have to get back to work ..{on my day off } lets see if we finish the first one  by this weekend .. {crossing my fingers .. wish me luck }.

until next time...

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