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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Young House Love

friday i received a little package from Home Depot with some of the new line of knobs made my the guys over the awesome now close blog Young House Love ! I've been a fan of them for many years now and i was very exited when i found out that there new line of knobs will be coming to my home depot soon and was planing to buy some just because (sometimes i know to hoard pretty things ) but without me going out of my house this pretty little knobs knocked on my door friday morning  i was exited to do anything with them the fun part was figuring out what to do .. what to do,..

Since lately I've been joggling between the boys room , my office ,and the living room i decided to do something in my office .
My studio /office has been lacking on the hooks department and every time i came home to it i would put my personal bag and my camera bag on the floor ! to me and my mum thats a no no i remember my grams telling me a lady should never put their belongings in the floor . there was honestly more to that saying but it was so long ago i can hardly remember .

Anyhow i knew what to do next i took some scraped wood from a previous project  that i had hanging around in our infinite pit of wood that we hoard in the garage and spray painted with our new toy ( spray paint guns ) .and well this is what i came up with ..

This was a very easy 10 minute project minus the curing time for the paint witch it was very fast may i ad . .. 

Well i hope you'll having a wonderful day / weekend .. until next time ...

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