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Friday, April 24, 2015

hubs surprised me with...

For a few years now I've been wanting a place to call my own  other than my studio /office but other things always take priorities sometimes and well thats okay . so since last week we stopped working n the china cabinet {long story short we are not re building it as right now we had to put a stop on that project because like i said before there is other priorities } with that said last week i asked my hubs if he could make me a little shelve for above my vanity area and i was sure that he would say no since we have 99 projects and that aint one lol  so i went out to tar jay  and an hour later when i came back home he already had the whole thing ready to put up..{isn't he the sweetest thing ever }

Number one step he tried to find the studs and idk but in this house is so hard to find studs where they are support to be ... does that happen in your house  or mine is just the oddball . ??

Any 6 hours later .... just kidding  ....he anchor some L brackets to the studs to give it the support of the shelve and what ever i was going to put up ..{witch by the way a week later and i don't know  what to put up there that won't look bad }

Now with a separate pice of wood on top of the one bracket since we couldn't find on the mess we call our garage the laser leveler he did it the old fashion way a long straight pice of wood a regular leveler and a pencil to mark the spot for the next L bracket after he found the second stud..

And tada,......!!. all done .. well almost i war some cool lights to cover the backers and of course to give me extra light but i just don't know yet since everything is if not to small to big ..so wish me luck ..

until next time ...

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