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Monday, April 20, 2015

Annalia's room updates

Well since we are not moving anymore for at least two years i finally decided to make this our hem fro the time being and the owner give us thumbs up on the whole changing this up witch is great .. like the boys rom our little girls room is lacking on the wall department .. so i decided to do something about it last weekend .

She loves girly things and polka dots of course make that cut but i honestly didn't want to buy anything that i cant easily take off later so i went onto my craft closet looking for something to use and i found this wall stickers from target but well there were not exactly polka dots but i knew i could work with them ..

To be able to get a few polka dots i use this hole puncher/cuter thing that i found at Michael's fro less than 15.00 buckaroos a while back also i uses a coupon and i got it for about 8 dollars witch HELLO was a lot better than 15 bahha.

i opened the package and this is what they look like half a circle  and well i could of put two together and made a circle but they were way too big like that  so i stared cutting two circles per half a circle of the sheet .

 like this ..

Next step was o stick them to the wall witch was super easy ... {note : i only did it to one side of the wall as well as some surroundings since i have other plans for the other side of the room ..}

until next time ...

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