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Friday, January 24, 2014

Annaliahs closet part 1

There is a lot of projects going on this week in our humble home really big ones to very small ones. This week I took some time off to work in our little girls bedroom closet .

Since she is getting bigger she has accumulated lots and lots more clothing items than when she was a baby and they didn’t fit in her closet very confortable anymore and I felt there was soooo much wasted space vertically and horizontally . So I decided to address the issue the best way I could ..witch is by taking everything away and start with an clean slate.

If you follow me on Instagram you can see I posted a picture of my boys shared closet a while back {witch that reminds me to make another post uh??} this system was working with us in our old home and has been working great for us for almost 3 years with the boys so I say why not lets try it in Annaliah’s closet problems . This project seriously took me about 6 hours. {that much because I was alone at home with the kids and I had to stop every 30 minutes between lunch breaks , bathroom breaks , playing with them , snack breaks ..and all the rest of the break if not it would of taken me about 2 hours like the boys did }.

okay no more chats and lets do this…

So I took everything out of her closet .{witch I don’t know why but I forgot to take before pictures }
I stared with a clean slate like you can see since we are planning on doing something with the walls but im still thinking about it {wallpaper or paint or even stickers}I didn’t want to touch the walls at the moment .

I used the expedit she was once upon a time using as a beach {she doesn’t really use or utilize it so it was just taking space in her bedroom .}

The exedits already come with this little gadget to secure them to the wall so that I needed to use them {don’t want any accidental pulling and everything to come down or what's even worst I wouldn't want anyone to get hurt}

When that was in place my next step was to try to find a secure stud on the wall witch I did with the help of a stud finder ..

ps: do you see the step stool?? well yes im short so I needed to see where I was drilling …

Do you see the marks on the wall?? yes I know but that will all be cover when I decide on what to do with this walls.

This cap also came with  the expedit to hide the ugly..

Next step was to measure and install this pole sockets I found them at home depot for 2.69

Once installed I went down to the workshop area {also reminds me for another post about the changes we have made to this area.}

Please don’t mind the disaster is that we are working at the moment in about 11 different projects ..Anyways I came down here and measure once again and marked where was I suppose to cut

Once measured  and marked it was time to cut the rods.

I honestly didn’t want to use the table saw for this project not because im scare of it… but because it wasn't much to cut so I use this little machine and it work like a charm.

After all this I took them back up the the baby girls room and put them in place.

Yes I know it looks crooked but I sure you its not it was just in the angle I took the picture and I dint notice im still trying to figure out my new camera..
Next step since I didn’t wanted to paint the rods because  was scare that the paint might chip away as the moving of the hangers I decided to do the same as the boys and buy couple of the shower rod covers that where about 3 dollar a pop ..

All I needed now was to cover the rod and cut with a good pair of working scissors.


Next step measure cut and install..

My smallest boy said to me “mommy I want you to take a picture of my Ipad pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaseeeeeeeeeeeeee” with puppy ayes and everything who wouldn’t say no to his gorgeous face..
Anyways back to the closet how is it looking??
I just want to give you an idea of how is it going to be organize {yes im still working on it because im still multi tasking into other projects as well as sorting to all her clothes im hoping to be done my Sunday. }

And this is the finish product for now what do you think?

This project cost me about $30.00 {rounding it off }
Expedit : already owned
wooden rod : $11.00
pole sockets : $3.00 x 4
shower rod cover : $3.00 x2

Have you done any projects this week? organize a drawer put up a picture? or are you like me working on 11 different projects at the same time?
well until next time ….
saying dood byw

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