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Friday, April 4, 2014

Not Lost:

You found me .. if you fallow along in instagram i tell you I've been very busy this past few weeks ...between kids and myself being sick  baseball games ..dance classes... vacations ... millions of projects that are still half way most of them the rest half of them are done with no time to post and the other half are still in the drawing board.

For the most part i tell you I've been going to a lot of baseball games lately .. {of our oldest son of course } ..

Love seeing him in his uniform as a matter of fact in couple hours i will next game starts at 6.. can you believe that this little CUBS haven't lost a game yet ..7 games down 13 to go for the season .,.. LESTS GO CUBS !!...

And i leave you with just a little peak of what would be coming up this month just a little taste of some of the projects I've been working on..

And with that note have a nice weekend.......will be back after spring break.. :)...and maybe ill pop in between ;)

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