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Saturday, August 23, 2014

building a "snow man " ( dream home )

As I've been posting here for the past few weeks we are officially moving .. unfortunately it won't be to our dream home since it won't be ready for another year or so since the land is still a forest and they have couple lots before they get to ours we are in a very long list {but sometimes you have to wait a bit to get what you dreamed of for so long } very long indeed  . so in the next couple months 4 to be exact we have to pack {already packing } and move on to a new rental.

We honestly haven't look at much since there still a few months to look and is not our for ever home and we know that we  {i} have to do some sacrifices since we are putting a lot of  our money time and effort to our new build . later about the rental ... back to the new build .

That tells you is a bit close to the beach 10 to 15 minute drive .... yayyyyyy!!..........

Home details
*3.2 acres of land {witch is more than enough
* private lakes and parks within walking distance 
* cul de sac home {there will only be 3 homes build in this cul the sac }
*they will start developing our lot this spring .
*depends on the add ons the home would be done with in 9 months 
* i haven't gotten the plans of the home yet since we are still designing them.

What we know
*the home will be around 3300 sqf
* it will have five bedrooms 
* 5 baths {2 of them jack and jills}best part of the home !!
* 3 car garage 
*separate working room 
*its a total custom made home {no other home in the area will look the same
*i will have a custom made pool with assess from inside the home {I'm still debating this with the hubs!!
*outdoor kitchen 
* double island in the kitchen 
*formal living and  dinning spaces 
* studio space {for me }and the kids 
*craft , laundry and mud rooms 
*balconies {2 so far }
* decks and porches 
* bike trails 
*and a lot more ...

This picture i took from our car on the bridge connecting the island with the main land..

soooo many plans and so much time ... right from one part I'm actually happy that is going to take a bit because i can really come up with what i really want and buy Make things for our for ever home. ..
i got a lot planned and a pinterest board with over 1000 pins to prove it...yeah you can call me crazy about now.

well so far those are the update of our new build {not build yet}!!!,frown 
And well at the moment we are on a awesome trip {work fun related} but ill back home on sunday night to start the hunt of our new rental .. wish me luck...

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