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Friday, January 25, 2013

An organized move




For the past two post ive been talking about our move here and here but what i haven't tell you is how we did it all .

  • First we made a list of all the things we needed for the move .

               I put everything in a basket

  • Tape
  • Markets
  • Label maker
  • Labels
  • Color coded stickers
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Binder



Before I went to buy it I went out shopping in our own home for the supplies I needed shatzee I had half of the things I needed in my own house that just save me some mola witch its always the way to go .

  • second I created a moving binder

           a binder specifically made for our move .





  • Third I organized the binder by categories



* This saved us a lot of time trust me .


Inside the binder I put

  • A pocket with some essentials like a pen , post notes etc.
  • Moving checklist :coming up soon !
  • Movers section : here we put our movers information
  • Numbers & address : here we put all the important numbers . { for example } real state , hospitals of every stop we were going to make { never to careful when you are traveling with kids } and so on.
  • Schedules : her i put al the information for every stop we were going to make, at what time we had to be there by for the key dropping , appointments  the the kids or us might already have for the week. also did a separately list of appointments for utility hook up times , house cleaner and movers time.
  • Inventory list : how many boxes we had and what color dot belongs to what and where is it going.





Next step star filling up the binder with the pages that I already had filled up and finish color coding the boxes.



image (1)

I color coded the boxes with stickers , I placed them on each box on the top as well as one for each side


photo (1)


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