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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Welcome to my new blog

About 3m months ago or so i stared my first blogging experience it was fantastic! but unfortunately i didn't have the time at the moment to blog so by leaving my blog untended a certain someone that for some reason needed my account took it without permission is okay sometimes thing like this happened even tho this happened as soon as i had the time i jumped to the blogging phenomenon again ! very happy to be back so now with a fresh start I'm here to say HELLO AGAIN SWEETIES. !

i cant wait to get this going and start to meet again some very lovely people like i have before and dint worry this time ill try my very best to be here as much as needed informing you guys about our projects ideas and inspirations we have for our new home

yes our new home one of the  reason i had to not be present for my old blog a few months ago so STAY TUNE ill be telling y'all about that later.

so for those that don't know me you can go a head and read some more about me here i encourage you to come on and get to know me i love to make new friends.

Thank you for your visit and i hope you enjoy reading my upcoming posts and keep coming for more there is alooot more i promess so come along in our journey wont regret you stuck along



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