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Friday, January 11, 2013

House Shopping


After many thoughts on what to do next we decided that it was time for us to move one more time. We have moved so far since we have been together every year do to the hub's job  but we really needed this move since we hated where we used to live but I guess that comes with the job . but now for the first time we are able to choose where to move to .. witch by the way I was extremely exited indeed .


So we stared our journey of looking first for a state that we will love and then a historical little towns for our children's to grow up in witch a lot of charm and character like does little towns of England that I learned to love so much also we needed something somewhat close to an army base . After many months and tedious work we finally founded it was the perfect place for us imagine my excitement and relief of finding my dream town so full of so many nice people I was so overwhelm with their kindness I've never had the pleasure to encounter a town with this many kind and serviceable people before I was very happy I new this was the place .



Back to the house shopping  , there was many amazing houses and all within our budget what!!! oh wow we were in luck very unusual I guess our luck was about to start! very exited about that but that also meant that we had a lot more to choose of from witch it does have many advantages as well as disadvantages .


Our home sear begins  and after seeing many houses ! {more than 50} what can I say “THIS” girl is very picky we narrow the sear to this 3 awesome homes.








                                                        what to love

  • love that all the kids bedrooms and master are in the same level
  • it has two car garage
  • it has 4 bedrooms
  • love the porch
  • size of lot is amazing
  • neighborhood is implacable
  • within our budget

          not so trill about:

  • school is far away
  • there is a lot of work to do inside ( I am  always up for a challenge but at this time cant tackle nothing bigger than a room )
  • doesn’t have a play room area
  • doesn’t have a wood working room in the garage
  • told you I was picky ( but hey we know what we want )





                                                      what to love

  • love that red stairs !
  • is an amazing almost 3 acres!
  • it has a back deck and a lot of room to keep building!
  • it has a wood working room in back of the garage
  • is a 2 car garage
  • 5 bedrooms plus a play room
  • nothing big to do
  • so much privacy from your neighbors
  • GREAT neighborhood

                     not so trill about

  • not much really
  • things that with time will come








                                         what to love

  • before anything sorry for the picture quality I forgot my camera that day
  • love that is fenced up (one less thing to do )
  • all the bedroom are in the same level
  • it has a pretty good size lot
  • 2 car garage
  • wood working room
  • assigned play room
  • amazing back porch
  • so much room to play with !


                                 not so trill about.

  • not much I can say
  • to much of a house for us I think
  • is on the very top of our budget



There they are the 3 homes we have looked at I would like to know what do you think about them please share :) I would love to hear opinions and suggestions you might have . well stay tune the answer to the house we picked will be coming very soon

have a nice weekend

 xoxo alina

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