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Monday, February 25, 2013

Home Inspirations.

Hello there sweeties, today ill be bringing you my MOST favorite places in the w w w.. This places inspire me for my everyday brainstorming around our home (so much hubby got the entire year booked with my inventions poor baby )

I find my self a big portion of my day thinking on what to do to improve our lives and of course our home. On how can I bring more organization & styles to every each space in my home (OCD with LOVE for decoration !) what a combination uh .

My family isn't picture perfect as much I would love to say yes but that reality .many of my friends and piers come to our humble home and they are amazed of all the things we have done just in the past two months and how everything is so organized and just plain pretty they always ask me if I could work in their homes and with the biggest smile on my face I say yes! that I what I love to help people and organize and to make things prettier.
So back to my far from perfect family my kids are still very young Annaliah 1 Charlie 2 and Alain 4 and they have their messy days witch for me is everyday my two oldest are getting the concept of being organized you might ask how well have you heard of that saying “monkey says ,monkey do “ or somewhat like that . Is all about imitating one another my oldest imitate my husband and I and my youngest boy my oldest and so on . Kids are sponges and for good or bad they imitate us the parents on how we walk, speak, do things , treat other people and ourselves , etc.. Any how I just got way off my post title back to it now.
I'm a very simple gal with very simple needs you might say that nothing over the top will make me a better person .I do love designs and patterns and all thing pretty and I do love to better our self and our ways of living as you know we moved and we decided to get ride of some unnecessary furniture as well as some that wasn’t working with our needs and style anymore.

We have many visions for our new new home well no more talking and lets get down to business..
new line

Formal living space


Dinning room/ Breakfast area



Kitchen /bar area


Font back porch


Family spaces

Kids area



And that’s all for now folks . What are your most favorite home inspiration spaces? And why ?What's your most favorite space in your home and why ?

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