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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Storing Hand Me Downs

As my oldest is getting bigger the other are also growing extremely fast . So as my oldest grows mi middle boys is getting his cloth I love to recycle in fact this cloth are in great condition so why not hand them down to next in line.
I bought this a while back in target and so far has work like a charm.
Here I store all their hand me downs well honestly only my youngest boys gets hand me downs the other ones get new couth because I don't have anyone close to their age around me .
In the first drawer I have all mi little girls outfits and things
In the second drawer I have all my baby boys outfits and pjs
In the third drawer i have my big boys outfits and pjs

Now in the last drawer I have shoes

And that how I store my kids  hand me downs and new cloth I know is not the most organized  or stylish way to do it but this system has worked for
 us for over 4 years ill be changing it soon (as I was writing this post a little light bulb turned on and my brain thought about another really awesome way to store this kid of items  more stylish and more organized )
Now I would love to know your ways to store hand me downs as well as new items and shoes?
sharing is caring so I am waiting for your care .


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