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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Princess is 1!.


Time flies!only this time last she was just a newborn today she is a big girl !!I cant believe how fast times just pass by us without really realizing it .



She is growing up so fast ! well all our kids are.

Back to her, we decided that before we move to make it a little get together with the family and some close friends so she can at least eat some yummy cake !

Problem was that by then we didn’t have a house anymore because her birthday was literary 3 days before our move .My mum like always so very nice offered her home , and after couple balloons and just a little decoration nothing big since it was a little gathering we had a party!






well she had a blast so much that she was out by 1800 ..




Happy First Birthday my precious!

LOvE yOu sOo sOo MUCH!





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