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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Our Home Plans

Today ill be sharing with you our home plans so you can get a better visual of our home and what we have been working with for the most part all our projects are going great just a little slower that I anticipated since hubby is working late and our family was under the weather for almost 3 weeks that means no major projects no brainstorming , nada .. just soup some good books , magazine a bit of TV a lot of cuddling and family bounding sickie time .
Back to business our new home is going trough a bit of a face lift wink wink ..tune up and you'll be seeing here and there some of our already going ideas.
our home floor plan upper level

This is our upper level our home is a split level home and so far LOVING IT!

our home plans lower level
This is the lower level and the reason why the letters in that particular room is darker is because that is were we are currently working on wink…
Just in case you might wonder our home is 3280sqft  upper and lower level the lot was build in 2009 and is sitting in 1.2 acres of land that we don’t know what to do with half of it even though the other half is already been worked on ugh spilled the soup didn’t I oh well keep on reading and I hope you guys have a great week .

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