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Monday, March 11, 2013

Feeling Teal…

Lately I've been very pulled but all things TEAL .. is a beautiful color ! is bright and just brings a great balance in our home with all the white and dark furniture around our humble home ..
This is just some of the items you'll be seeing in the very near future in the blog …

Hint: this is going somewhere in the play room guest where? and how ??
love this colors!!!….guest where is going ??
By the way I made them a while back  but you can find this fabric here
We are loving this pillow is so amazingly amazing !! (I know just don’t have words to describe how beautiful it looks in person).

Even my cupcakes get a little teal dazzle..

You always need a confortable bench and in this case we are loving ours ..

My hubby felt in love with this laps couldn’t resist them either .and the price was just right.
Ikea did it for me again !!
A little teal love for our dinning room.
And a little more of the teal love in our kitchen.

I love this vases so much I had to have 2 .

and that’s it for now  but I want or better I need some help from you guys on finding some teal or turquois dvd or file boxes . I've looked everywhere and nothing I know target used to have them I got to buy one but when I went back for more they were all out and for my bad luck they never brought them back .
Ps: Some of the pictures are from the actual website or taken the background off because of future blog post hope you understand thank you .

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