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Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Growing Kids Space

As you might remember from previous posts we are going thru mayor reconstructions in our home ..From making new walls where they where missing to decorating a whole entered room from scratch. So today I decided to bring you guys a bit of what we have been working with ..

playroom color palets
This are the color palettes we have decided to work with around the walls and the d├ęcor pieces we are incorporating into this space.
Also since am such a “Snub” or and imperfect person trying to be perfect I decided to give my self a visual picture of what I want with this space . Well here it goes nothing…

tv unit play room 
This is the TV unit / toys/game storage we decided to build … (in case you are wondering yes we can build furniture my hubby is an extremely handy man ;)..But in this case we are on a budget as well as a time line since the kids have no place to play and that room is just scraps at the moment (well we got some walls up )..So like I said before we are on a budget and on a  time line so we decided to buy it something like I wanted we price it around the www and it was coming out way above our little budget  like 600.00 more we wanted to spend on just this peace of furniture so I decided to search other options and I came up to one of my favorite to go places Ikea there light bulb!! I found it .. I just had to get the pieces together ..

So here I give you a more visual idea of what we are doing with this space.. Slowly but shortly will get there..
4. Is a DIY project I did I while back .
5. we already own the TV.

play room 2

4. At your services..
8.. We made our own version .. (coming up soon ).
15.At your services..
*Most of the items in this board we already own from the previous home play space .


9. Is the throw that I made..a while ago for previous family room
*Most of the items in this board we already owned them.

Yes I know a a lot of furniture and things I know but is a really big and when I mean big is humongous is going to function as a play space and family recreation space as well .

new logo

1 comment:

ariana spencer said...

oh wow I wish I had kids this just makes me want them. your vision for the space is fantastic! I love all the color combinations! your kids are going to love it ! cant wait for the ending results . following you now :) keep the good work.
xo Ariana