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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Basket Dilemma

Well this post will be short and sweet since is a fast question in need for a fast answer .
Well as you know we are going thru mayor renovation in our lower level well we are kind of putting our focus in one room at the moment since is the most necessary room at the moment the kids play space.

our home plans lower level

Now me and the hubby are bumping heads on baskets situation and we decided to put it on to debate here are our choices .
play room baskests

I we need 10 in total of one and four of another type a little help in this decision  I will appreciate it thank you ..

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ariana spencer said...

I will choose number 3 well that just me .. since is a kids room also number one umm undecided much ..

alina dechick said...

haha well thank you for answering... and I will take your choice in consideration .
thank you
<3 xO Alina.