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Monday, March 25, 2013

Organizing My Pantry

Hey ya’ll well im taking a little time out of the big projects to bring you a little pantry organization .. Im allways  top of everything that’s going on in our home but for some reason this months ive let our pantry go on it self..so a little peak of what it looked like..

I know is not as bad as I could be with 3 boys at home and one little girl.. (3 boys including my husband .. he is a kid at heart ). but it was still bothering me .. you might ask your self is that a shoe rack holding bottles and kids cups  ?  well yes it is at the moment I've changed that but at that time that was our solution for those kids items .. since our kids are still very small . 4, 2, and 1..Also do you have empty cereal containers? yes apparently we do ..

so what I did first ..was take everything out   and wipe everything down .

oh so clean…
Then I put everything on the counter and took a good look of what I had ,…

With everything out was very easy to see what I had and what working for us and what wasn’t .. what was still good and what was expired (nothing)..what containers needed to be refilled ..
I put the foam cardboard back in place but this time I dressed them in this pretty  self adhesive shelf liner from the Macbeth collection found in my amazon store. Also you can find them in your local Home Goods or TJ max  or even at Marshalls.I already owned the foam boards found them for .49 cents in sale at my local Home Goods you can find it at your local craft store or even at the dollar store .

Here a little up close view,, isn't it pretty ?.. oh and for who ever wants to know I took the bubbles out with the palm of my hand .

I think it looks a lot better.. :)..Now every time I open my pantry am like owe I just want to stare at it all day..

And now for a little close up..

And that is what I was doing this weekend Well for About 3 Hours..

before after pantry

So what did you do over the weekend?
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ariana spencer said...

oh wuh for once a pantry from a real person that eats!. I say this because out there they in other blogs they just want picture perfect and they just putting on the pictures what people what to see not what they really have so props to you sweetie bty I just bought some of the shelf liner you have in your store cant wait for my end result thanks for the inspiration
Greeting from Australia ..

alina dechick said...

ha your comment just made my day .. you are so funny and by the way thank you.. and thank you for the buy .. :).
Australia ! LOve my country !

xO Alina