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Monday, September 16, 2013

3rd time is the charm

  Well hello there .. im back…. and this time to stay … why did I {abandoned} my blog in the first place ?? well sit your touchies in a confortable space because here we go …


First we had a big move all the way from the state of NJ to GA that was a very long ride indeed . We had a U-Haul ute {hubs was driving the monster } while I was driving my car  with the 3 kiddos for 2 days with 6 hours of sleep between does 2 days .. ugh !! I was exhausted .. imagine my kids being stuck in a car for sooo many hours yes we didn't stop a lot since we had a dead line from the hubs job and our new home ..Anyways that was like 9 months ago ..

So finally getting to our new home witch we didn’t realize how much work we really had to do I mean we are crazy in love with the idea of DIYing things  to our like and so on we are very go getter peeps but it was  a bit to much .. either way we never looked back and we decided to jump all in ..


Its been months and months of very had work while the hubs has an actual job to do outside of our home as well as me taking new clients on top of the ones I already had and the kids being at home because my oldest didn’t start school until august I mean we hardly had time to relax from working inside in our free time to working out doors in the jungle we call a back yard .

Another thing is that we moved with hardly any furniture at all only the boys beds & closet storage as well as Annaliahs cot {crib} , our dinning room set our office and some play room furniture and couple other things here and there . Of course tons and  tons of boxes with clothes , home décor , books , toys , office supplies , holiday decoration , shelves and storage items , TVs and electronics and couple media boxes, ride on mower ,motor bikes electric cars kids treadlys and  so on.. they most of been about 80 to 100 boxes YIKES! I know there was a lot, tell me about it I haven't unpacked about a 30 % of them yet  the reason of why so many is that we didn’t have time to purge or organize anything before the move why ? you might ask ..well because we only had 3 days to move a single family 2 story home plus a basement (imagine that chaos) between two people when not working {my parents where watching our kids in the mean time }. So since we didn’t have time to purge we just figure out to give our things away via selling it or giving it up to friends co- workers and family as well as we thought if we didn’t need anything that we will have a yard or garage sale in our new home at some point {that has actually not happened yet , but it will } or sell things over my friend craings the list .{wink wink}

Well is has taken us a very long time with our busy days , vacations , family coming over and so on it as been almost impossible  to get our home the way that we want to. Enough said with still have addles things to unpack and organize and do but now with our big boy  starred primary school we  are getting a little free time while the other two nap to do finish projects purge and organize a little more . and for that I decided to come back to the blog world in a way is to keep track of the projects we have done and are going to do in our home and the other reason is to share and keep our family and friends inform of was going on in the Dechick’s Home ..

Until next time ..

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