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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Some new changes..

Since I came back I have been giddy about making some changes to the blog some new blogs , new graphics , and some new tabs .The old one where just not giving me that feeling of excitement to come and sit couple hours in front of while a write. it wasn’t reflecting my personality or where I I want to go with the blog at all.

I needed something brighter ,full of life something that would reflect my personality , im a very exited person , always {most of the time} super happy , if not I could say hyper im a kid trapped in a woman's body with a huge 3 tier cake .  I think I described myself pretty well lol. Also I wanted something that could catch who ever comes around my blog attention enough to stay and read on abet more .


First New logo : the one before was a bit bright on the wrong direction , they where just to plain for me even though bright they where also faded ..I just wanted to throw out there that I love color and I am not afraid to use it.{wink wink }



Second icons : I decided to update my media icons why ? well because I notice that most of them for some weird reason weren't working , so I fixed them and also gave them a bit of a color update .


Third tabs : I added couple new tabs one for a Home tour that would soon come as well as a contact tab just incase you had a question and didn’t want to blur it out to the world you can reach me at my email ..

And well that’s it for now ill be coming back later on with a summer re-cap .

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