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Friday, September 20, 2013

A little description:House

Since we moved to this home it hasn’t been a weekend or a day off from our other activities and of course job that we haven't done something inside or out . From putting up hooks to adding walls to rooms layout to even cutting down about 30 trees and a lot more to go { sorry is not that we don’t like trees we love them reason why is that we had laterally a forest as a back yard random bushes , pricket bushes and trees a very big amount of little skinny trees everywhere }. So in conclusion in the past 9 months we haven't stop working yes we did took a bit of a break for about two months for summer vacation but we are back now and it seems like we work we work and the list of things to do keeps growing ! why is that? does someone ales has the same problem? please do let me know because I don’t wasn’t to feel like the crazy chick here ..

This home was build in 2009 but it was only half build {we knew that went we got it }. Our home I s called a split foyer home that means is laterally split upstairs rooms and kitchen and bathrooms connected by a set of stairs and a foyer and downstairs more rooms bathrooms garage and a lot more. Okay I'm going to give you a bit of a description as well  as a bit of a visual {please don’t mind the pictures since some of them were taken with our phones while touring the house .}

                          {this photo was taken with a camera day of move in}

here we have the front of the house as soon as you go up the stairs you'll go in the so called “split foyer “ {honestly I don’t know why they called that because the foyer is not split  is actually very leveled and in the center of both set of stairs } it doesn’t hurt to laugh .

                                 {this photo was taken with a phone}

Anyways continuing house tour..you go up the set of stairs that is in front of the main door and you'll find your self in the main living space ..
                         {So sad this day I didn’t bring my camera }

Turn to the left and there will be a hallway connecting a bathroom to the left  Annaliah’s bedroom in front of the hallway opening next to it a linen closet and next to it to the right the boys bedroom ..Going back to the main living space there is a door that leads to the back deck .

                        {furniture and grill not ours }

coming back in to the left is the breakfast area also a pantry all  connected to the kitchen that opens up to the living room and it keeps on to the dinning room.


                           {hideous paint job!!! }

Between where the breakfast area and the kitchen starts there is a door that leads in to the baster bedroom to the right the master bathroom and to the right the master walk in closet.
And that’s the upstairs description ..

Once you go down the steps {9 of them to be exact } there is the foyer/front entrance.

Turn left go down another 9 steps and you'll find a door to the right where it leads you in to the two car garage ,mudroom space and a very big storage , wood working room in the back of the garage ..


As you get out the garage trout the same door we came in is a very long hallway about 6 to 7 meters long . That hallway leads on to two closets first door to the left a very big walk in storage closet  next door to the left as well you'll find our utility storage closet  next to on the same left is our laundry room area right in front of the laundry area there is a door that leads on to a massive unfinished room {our future media/play room area}.

As soon as you get our of that room there is another door to the right leading onto another hallway about 1 or two meters long that leads on to the office and walk in closet and as you get out of the office there is another door that takes you to a bathroom and another door that takes you onto the utility are of the home ..{ keep in mind that the entire downstairs is unfinished !}.
The good thing about this home is the massive storage space and closets that it has !.

We are sitting on a 1.2 acres of land but almost all of is is a big jungle {witch we are working on }.We have taken already a lot of trees down and bushes we are just trying to build a more livable space in the back yard something kid friendly {there are snakes in GA } yes I know yikes!! so we don’t want them to have any place to hide ..


That’s it for now I'm just living you with a list of priorities we have in our home ,.. {every room needs something }

  1. Playroom
  2. Office
  3. Office walk in storage closet
  4. Foyer
  5. Master bedroom
  6. Master closet
  7. Annaliah’s closet
  8. Annaliah’s bedroom
  9. Boys closet
  10. Boys room
  11. Main living space
  12. Wood working /storage room
  13. Laundry room
  14. Mudroom area
  15. Dinning room
  16. Garage
  17. Back deck
  18. Front deck
  19. Backyard /front yard
  20. Kitchen
  21. Breakfast area
  22. Big storage closet {downstairs}
  23. Bathrooms {all 3 of them }
  24. Hallways {all 3 of them}
  25. Stairs
  26. Back patio
NOTE : {is not always going to be in that specific order but for now that is what we are coming up to}
Do you have an are in your house that needs tackling ..?? how are you approaching it ?? please share ..

saying dood byw

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