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Monday, September 23, 2013

A never ending list :Part 1

As I mention last week there has been a lot to do in our new home and a lot we have already accomplished.{very proud of that } .

Today im sharing our very long list but since is way toooo long im going to have to make it into a two post thing { I hope yall don’t mind }.So stay tune for more to come
{it would not always go with the way we plan but we will try our best }.

new lines

Downstairs list :
Playroom /Media room
  • put up sheetrock
  • spackle all walls as needed
  • Put up celling
  • prime and paint {walls}
  • prime and paint {celling}
  • fix all electrical problems
  • add lighting {half way there }
  • create heat and cooling system
  • buy stencils
  • paint stencils
  • flooring
  • molding
  • unpack furniture
  • unpack toys
  • unpack electronics
  • mount tv to wall
  • organize furniture
  • organize toys
  • buy or DIY entertainment system {not sure yet }
  • unpack rest of accessories and d├ęcor
  • decorate and decorate ,organize and organize

  • put up sheetrock
  • prime and paint
  • fix electrical
  • add lighting
  • create heat and cooling system
  • add flooring
  • unpack furniture {half way there }
  • unpack office supplies
  • unpack electronics
  • purge and organize
  • decorate
  • Some DIYs projects

Downstairs bathroom
  • prime and paint
  • add storage
  • decorate

Office closet
  • add walls and celling
  • fix electrics
  • prime and paint
  • add storage space
  • un pack craft and office supplies
Laundry space
  • paint walls
  • update washer and dryer
  • install storage
  • purge, organize , decorate

  • paint
  • add area rug
  • add art and pictures to walls

Utility closet
  • update and add storage

Storage closet
  • add storage
  • unpack
  • purge and organize
  • add safe zone {for natural disasters or emergencies }
  • add sitting area

  • paint
  • power wash floors
  • add storage
  • purge and organize
  • add place for out door toys
  • add place for gardening supplies
  • find space for electronic ride on toys
  • find space for ride on lawn mower and motor bikes
  • {lots of DIY projects going in this space stay tune}

Mudroom area
  • plan mudroom
  • buy supplies
  • build mudroom space
  • add storage  and baskets
  • organize

Back room
  • build storage
  • buy racks
  • organize and purge tools

like I said we haven't done as much as we want to downstairs because sometimes the upstairs took a bit of more of a priority ..
now I live you with a sneak peak of the play room


until next time..
saying dood byw

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