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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A never ending list :part 2

so yesterday I share with you the downstairs list .. pretty long uh?? but funny thing is that I think there is a lot missing from it  I just cant pin point at it .. ill just have to add and tackle them as they appear.
Today is a different day and a different list now we go to the upstairs…

new lines

  • fix flooring
  • add shoe storage {already owned from previous house}
  • add sitting area
  • add winter basket
  • add sandals storage
  • add work  boots storage
  • add later basket {talk about that later stay tune }
  • add hooks
  • add mirror {already owned }
  • add area rug {already owned , it was in a  different room at our  previous home }
  • decorate space {on the process }

Dinning room
  • update paint {I don’t know what they were thinking when they painted this room basically the only room in the house that was really painted a different color than cream and  they just went over the wagon on this one ..good job!! }.
  • hang DIY work {already owned from previous home }
  • put up pictures and art
  • put up shelves
  • buy a new buffet { ours we had  to leave behind }
  • add area rug{since some genius wanted to put carpet on the dining room !}
  • add table , chairs and bench
  • add curtains
  • decorate and decorate 

  • fix painting
  • add family calendar
  • add some kind of breakfast area
  • add curtains
  • purge and organize

Living room space
  • paint {ive been in love with the paint color we choose in our old house for our foyer I might use it again for this space  is a bit bright but that the point to open this space up and make it invading }
  • hang art work , pictures , mirror
  • update sitting area {planning to re upholster this one and maybe send it down to the play room area }
  • unpack living room furniture
  • set up media furniture {we are now half way there since we haven't paint yet we needed something to set our tv on}
  • un pack electronics
  • unpack books and decoration
  • add chair {own from previous home}
  • add tables.. {own from previous home}
  • DIY coffee table {we have done similar to what I have in mind for this space so I know it won't be hard to replicate  }
  • add curtains
  • add area rug
  • decorate and organize

Upstairs hallway
  • hang art work and pictures
  • add DIY chart

Boys bedroom
  • update paint
  • unpack furniture
  • set up beds and room the way we want it {already owned}
  • make a dressing area{more about that later }
  • made a reading nook or space
  • set up book storage {already owned }
  • put up hooks on wall {more about this later}
  • add art work and pictures
  • build homework desk
  • add sitting area
  • add more lighting
  • add curtains
  • DIY pin board /message board
  • organize and decorate
Boys closet
  • Add storage {already owned , we had the same set up in our previous home ,lucky I guess ..because we loved our system an di kind of didn’t want to let it go }is that normal ?
  • clothes
  • shoes
  • purge and organize
  • add laundry storage
  • toy storage

kids bathroom
  • update paint
  • make bath toys storage
  • hang shelves
  • add art work
  • update mirror
  • add curtains
  • add hooks
  • add bathmat
  • add are rugs
  • add blinds
  • purge and organize
Annaliah’s room
  • update paint
  • add area rug
  • unpack furniture
  • set up furniture
  • update window bench storage
  • add books storage
  • hang curtains
  • DIY head accessories storage
  • build doll house
  • build or buy twin bed {add the moment she is using a crib, but this or next year we want to update her to a big girl bed}
  • update e vanity ,desk area
  • add night stand
  • update mirror
  • hang art work
  • decorate
  • add hooks
  • purge and organize
Annaliah’s closet
  • build storage
  • clothes storage
  • shoes storage
  • accessories storage
  • purge and organize

Master bedroom
  • update paint
  • update mattress {from queen to king }
  • build new bed {from a queen to a king}
  • build new headboard
  • buy night stand {we might have to build some since im very picky and haven't yet found what I like }
  • update vanity
  • update mirror
  • unpack vanity items
  • add sitting
  • hang art work and pictures
  • unpack and set up electronics
  • add area rug
  • DIY old accent chair {upholster it }
  • add pillows and décor items to the room
  • add second mirror
  • organize and decorate

Master closet
  • update paint
  • add storage {already owned }
  • build jewelry station
  • add hooks
  • build purses and wallet station
  • add shoes storage
  • add scarf storage
  • add area rug
  • add sitting area
  • purge and organize

Master bathroom
  • update paint
  • update mirror
  • update storage
  • add are rugs
  • add shelves
  • decorate
  • organize

Until next time ..

     saying dood byw

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