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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A never ending list: part 3 ..

I know this list are  very long but very necessary I love making list is a way of keeping us organize . if you miss the other lists you can go here and here  to get a look at them .
Going back to business today other than working inside the house we also been working on our great outdoors keeping it safe for the kiddos to play .. and of course make it confortable and stylish for the adults..

new lines


Front deck
  • fix railing and floor boards
  • paint porch celling
  • update and add more lightning {getting there}
  • add sitting area
  • DIY welcome mat
  • paint planters
  • add more flowers
  • decorate here and there

Back deck
  • add sitting area
  • add dinning area
  • update grill
  • build pergola
  • update floor boards
  • secure railing
  • add flower pots
  • add storage
  • update lighting
  • decorate
  • add area rug {on its way to our home from the store }

Front yard /garden area
  • add some kind of separation between yard and garden
  • plant flowers
  • trim trees
  • add mulch
  • add decorations
  • plant grass seeds in some spots
  • bring down couple trees
  • update lighting
  • clean areas{half way done and then autumn came knocking on the door }

Back patio
  • move garbage cans
  • power wash clean ..
  • paint concrete
  • add area rug
  • add sitting
  • add some kinds of curtains
  • add storage
  • add flowers

Back yard
  • cut trees down {half way done to our goal }
  • get ride of pricket and random bushes
  • clean ground {half way done to our goal }
  • level ground
  • add fence
  • build play house/club house {already have plans and some materials }
  • add electricity
  • build fire pit
  • build or buy sitting
  • add lighting
  • decorate

Ps : I don’t  have any process pictures at the time but many to come soon so stay tune ..
..until next time…
saying dood byw

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