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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Better late than never :back to school

As this few months have been super busy for our family another thing unraveling was our older baby going to school for the very first time !say what!! ??!! yes I couldn’t even believe it just 5 years ago he was in my arms as a new born!!..where the time has gone to …My kiddos are growing that means im getting older nooooooooooooooooooooooooo lol I was just telling my husband last night hey babe you ting my ayes are getting a little wrinkles around them ,, he is is like” Alina seriously you are 24 years old you don’t have to worry about for another well year or so” .. oh thanks amazing hubs of mine you really did it this time ..!!
well back to the kiddo going back to school even this it was two months ago and this post is a bit to late but  is better than nothing right ..
So that morning we woke up at 5 am to eat breakfast brush our teethes and get dress for school and we even had time to catch up on our favorite cartoons   {recorded from previous days}..

Oh nooo look who is here ..
im not ready for this yet …he still mine noooooo

well you see my car there uh … well yes like any “normal “ parent I followed the bus ..

As we got to the school finding parking and all that je was already in class..

in class

look at him go … he was loving it …and I was sooo happy {sight}..

coming back form school
{please don’t mind the baby’s hair she had a convo between Tina Tunner and Adele kind of hair day }

that day he came home sooooo happy … and I was glad to see him and asked about his day and all he learned all I got from him was “mum back of a bit you are smattering me “ and here we go no more mommy's baby ….now he is a big boy that goes to school and doesn’t need this old mum only well special occasions like waking him up in the morning making him breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner helping him to get dress  and undress when to tiered or lazy  helping him brush his teeth when he needs helping him at bath times ,helping him with homework , projects and other activities , oh yeah taking him to practice and picking him up , buying clothes ,food and shoes , taking him where ever he wants to go oh yeha reading to him at night and giving him a kiss to sleep.. well you get it .. he still needs me for a lot soo like it  or not he would always be my baby boy !!. {yes im one of those mum this umbilical cord would never be cut.}

saying dood byw

Ps: more to come , school supplies,lunch schedule and freebies ..

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