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Friday, September 27, 2013

back to school in style

Couple weeks before school stared we went over to the mall to get a whole new wardrobe for the kids to be going back to school this year .. this are some of the pieces we pick up ..


Alain: casual - everyday look

back to school alain 1
alian casual 2

1:I actually got this one at Nordstrom .. it was on clearance so im not sure if they have online.
2: I love this I buy a lot from this store
3:love this jeans we also got the darker pair
4:we picked up the blue one as well
5:we picked up the blue pair as well to nice and a great price
6: love this colors got on clearance so I don’t know if they still carry it online
7:love me some comfy shoes we also got the black ones for both kids
8:we had to pick up every single color available the material is great
9:love the color of this shirt
10: don’t know if they carry this anymore online
11:I also don’t know is the carry this one online anymore
12:we also had to grab the gray one to cute to pass

Alain:  baseball and sporty look

1/2/3/4/5/6/7/.. all this was at the actual store don’t know if they still carry it online

Charlie: casual – every day look
charlie casual 1
charlie cacual 2

1:we also got the blue one
2:check number 3 {Alain}
3:we also picked up the yellow one
4:Check number 5 {Alain}
5: don't know if they carry it online anymore
6: don't know if they have it online
7: don’t know if the carry it online anymore
8:love they are a bit different from Alains we also got the kaki ones
9:check number 2 {Alain}
10:check number 7 {Alain}
11:check number 4 {Alain}
12:check number 6 {Alain}

Charlie:  sporty look – baseball

1/2/3/4/5/6/7/got all in the store not sure if online stills carries it

Annaliah: casual – everyday look

annaliahs casual1
annaliah casual 2
abbaliah casual 3
annalaih casual 4

1: adorable! I just had to grab all colors available
2:graved every color available at the store {she was in need of new ones}
3: at the moment they only have 4t online
4:we also got the purple and white set {I don’t think the carry the purple set online}
5: haven't seen it online
6:is so cozy
7: this with some tights adorable
8:love how her ayes pop
9: we also graved the black and pink ones
10:I love that this jeans are soo confortable on her
11:love how this looks on her
12: we got couple other colors on it as well they are perfect for this weather . love the material on them
13: to  cute to pass
14: this shoes are just to cute
15:couldn’t find it online
16:the perfect little dress
17:also got the one with blue underneath I don’t know if the carry it online
18:love sparkle's
19: she needed some suspenders jeans as well right?
20:love the elbow patches
21: needed it for a picture
22: oh im so gaga over this
23:love this shoes also got them in black

Annaliah:  sporty look
1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 got them all at the mall don’t know if the online store still carries them .

And for those rainy days I order this online

  1/2: I order the boys one one for each same color no fighting image
3/4: loooooove them they boys also go on of each  !!

Ps: the only thing I actually got online was the rain wear other than that all came from the mall ..so im not sure if some items are still available I did took the time to look for all of them but couldn’t find some..maybe you'll have better luck .

saying dood byw

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