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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

August & September re-cap


       august finds
A little shopping this summer ..what came with us and what we had to say I see you later to
annaliahs casual1
                                           Back to school in style ..

                            back to school…..is here ,,,,

                                            never ending list : part 3
If you like to catch here is  a never ending list part one and a never ending list part two.

You can also catch up to our home description

Our family post ,our summer re-cap

this is not it for these months post but why don’t you keep on scrolling and find out .

Ps: I know I haven't been around as much as ill like reason on is that we find out that our son cant breath on its own very well do to a problem with his tonsils so he is going to have a surgery in the upcoming days so please bare with me I'm not leaving just taking small breaks to go to apts catch on sleep for many sleepless nights I hope you understand and continue coming back thanks.

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