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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Clients plans:Tannia

lately ive been over my head working with different clients as having one of my boys a bit sick at home today im going to show you two of the projects ive been working on ..I have this friend name Tannia she has two gorgeous daughter named Aubrey and Madison. she needed a little help with her playroom area her play room at the moment looks a bit like this ..


like you can see is not a bad space at all is very cozy and perfect for two little girls and I love that is situated right by the family room so she can keep an aye on the girls . This space was originally her office but seeing that her girls are growing it was time to give them their space ..so she contacted me for help and well this is a little bit of what I put together for her ..this is their temporary home since they will be relocating no another state very soon she just thought that her babies needed a place to call their own other than their bedroom in their house and I totally agree..
I just hope the girls like as much as I did putting it together …
now I also been working on their living room as well.. here is my little plan

tania's family room

saying dood byw
Ps: if you'll like your own please don’t be shy and email me,  thank you

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