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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Incoming school paper

since this is our first year with a child in school everything is very new to us but since is been almost 3 months since school stared we have accumulated  some what of a pile of school papers.. between homework to do , checked homework , practice at home papers , arts and notices we just didn’t know where to put them all for when ever we needed it to go back to check on an previous work and comparing improvements .. so this is how we stared.


all school papers come in this folder and in a agenda issue by school I also have one of my own to track their school and after school activities .when you open the folder in the left side is the to do at home homework and on the right side school practice,and cheeked homework .


inside this agenda you'll find letters from the teacher to the parents as week as school notices and little notes from parent to teacher .


since there was just to much paper piling up in our mailing station {more about that on a  later post} we decided to purchase this accordion file system at target for very cheap is working for now but as the pile of papers get bigger will be upgrading to something more study and bigger . But for now this will do .


inside I put up some handy tabs for us to know where each pile of papers will go to .. homework tabs ,art tabs, medical tabs , school notices tabs and so on ..

but some of the important papers that come from school and his extra curriculum activities end up in our incoming month mail system


This station is a monthly station because very month we sort thru it and check all the papers that need filing or scanning to computer and so on and this is where we put all incoming bills coupons and receipts and of course our good , neutral , and bad kiddos stickers {they are not bad kids lol is just we have a system for when they do they shores and not ill be explaining a bit about that on a later post so stay tune }


and here is where we put all their school notices and extra activities papers and incoming mail ..

how do you organize your kids incoming school papers ?? would love to know ..
until next time….
saying dood byw

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