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Monday, October 14, 2013

hooked on hooks..

Oh I have a very long relationship with hooks of every kind I love them all you can do so many things with them and they come in addles shapes and sizes and colors or sometimes you can even DIY your own .. anyways back to the topic hooks..or better said hooks for kids..


I was sick of seeing this on the floor everyday honestly every time I went into their bedroom and see this I would get a bit sick to my stomach . I've always had this dislike of things just being on the floor so easy to start piling up and well that’s how messes are form ..After  a bit of thinking we came up with the conclusion that since our mudroom is near of being finish yet that we would put up some hooks on the wall for them so they can just come home and put up their backpacks and sweaters . Well my next step was finding the right hooks I honestly looked everywhere and nothing was coming up to what I had in mind .. so then light bull one day I decided to go thru a box of hardware that still sealed in the storage room from our last move and guess what I found .. yup hooks !!


That’s why I always say the best way to shop is by shopping in your own home first but hey sometimes I doesn’t go that way ..anyways I was super exited and the next day I told my hubs to help me ..

            {please don’t mind my beautiful manicure it was a very busy week }


I did some measurement and of course he did some more we checked our list not once but twice and then we got to work ..


I honestly didn’t wanted to drill so many holes to the wall so I decided to find something to hook them up on to ..we originally had this very long strip of wood piece hanging around our home from a previous project we got it on our local hardware store for less than 20 dollars but I know you can get it cheaper if you let them cut the size you want right there .


And well here all stared to look a bit good {I think}


All hooks on the wood and now is time to put it on the wall


Yay we got hooks {that’s literary what I said when I finally saw them up} yes they are drilled on to two studs for that extra support god forbid in case the kids try pulling on them and a peace of the wall comes down ?? well now  the next step hinging …..yay,,,


Yes!!! no more back packs and jackets on the floor .. oh im one happy mum now..



BTW our kids are loving their new hooks  so far so good …
Ps: Sorry about the quality of the picture lately , ive mention in a previous post that my camera has gone thru a bit of a hard time and it looks like is cheaper by getting a new one soo im on my way of getting that very soon so please hang in there ,thanks..

PPS: we did all the work in the back porch because our wood working room is right now under construction it self and is a big mess also we couldn’t do it in the garage also under construction and sooo many boxes only one car fits ..I hope you understand  until next time

saying dood byw

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